Oudaen in Utrecht Pop-Up Free Paper Craft Pattern Download

Oudaen in Utrecht Pop-Up Free Paper Craft Pattern Download


Oudaen in Utrecht Pop-Up Free Paper Craft Pattern DownloadThis paper craft is the Oudaen , designed by Annelies Smit. The Oudaen in Utrecht is a fortified medieval house (also called City Castle) to the old Canal in the Dutch city of Utrecht. The property, with house number 99, belongs to the most important monuments of the city.

The Oudaen was built shortly after the year 1276, such as dendrochronological research has shown. Like the other city castles it consisted of a large, representative main house and a much smaller zijhuis that was easier to heat and really more like housing service did. The property was originally built as the family house of the Zoudenbalch family, one of the major genera from the city. In 1395, however, it came in possession of the family of Oudaen, named after the eponymous Manor Oudaan to Breukelen.

Oudaen in Utrecht
The real Oudaen

A major remodeling took place around 1500, when all the floors and the hood were replaced. It was also the yard cellar, making the floor of the ground floor a meter higher. The staircase was built higher and got a private rush hour. In the rear were large Windows.

During the siege of castle Vredenburg in 1576-1577 were small guns drawn on Oudaen to shoot the castle. The house, however, had a hard hours, and replacing the rear was largely shot to rubble. In 1580, the damage repaired at the expense of the States of Utrecht. A few bullets were bricked as a reminder in the rear.

Oudaen in Utrecht Pop-Up Paper Craft BacklightIn 1680 a new renovation took place, which was the main entrance moved to the smaller side house to the right of the main house, which is in turn a new facade was a plaque which recalls. During the negotiations for the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 was the French ambassador housed in Oudaen.

You can download the paper craft pattern here: Oudaen in Utrecht Pop-Up Free Paper Craft Pattern Download