Origami Pumpkin Instruction

Origami Pumpkin Instruction


This Instructable will show you how to make an adorable origami pumpkin. This author is from sherrycayheyhey.

Origami Pumpkin Instruction1Supplies:
-orange paper
-black paper

Origami Pumpkin2Start with the paper white side up. Fold the top corner down to meet the bottom one to form a triangle. Now fold the right side over to the left to make a smaller triangle.

Origami Pumpkin Instruction3Origami Pumpkin Instruction4Origami Pumpkin Instruction5Now open one of the pockets and smoosh it down to form a diamond shape. Repeat on the back. This is the same base you make when making a crane.

Origami Pumpkin Instruction6Origami Pumpkin Instruction7Origami Pumpkin Instruction8Origami Pumpkin9Origami Pumpkin Instruction10Origami Pumpkin Instruction11Fold over one of the edges to meet the center line, it should be folded from the bottom. Now fold the top part of that side to meet the middle. Repeat on the other side. Fold both the flaps over to look like the last picture.

Origami Pumpkin Instruction12Origami Pumpkin Instruction13Origami Pumpkin Instruction14Origami Pumpkin Instruction15Origami Pumpkin Instruction16Fold back the top, bottom, and sides. The top should be folded over a bit more than the bottom so that the pumpkin narrows towards the base.

Origami Pumpkin Instruction17Origami Pumpkin Instruction18Origami Pumpkin Instruction19Origami Pumpkin Instruction20Draw the pumpkin features that you want on the black paper. Cut them out and glue in place. TADA! You've now make an adorable origami pumpkin.

Origami Pumpkin Instruction21Origami Pumpkin Instruction22Origami Pumpkin Instruction23Here is the video version: