Optimus Prime Papercraft

Optimus Prime Papercraft


Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots, a faction of heroic robots from the planet Cybertron who wage their battles to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons, for control of their homeworld, and by extension, peace in the universe. The immensely kind and compassionate Prime puts all his talent to use to improve the world around him, and has dedicated himself to the protection of all life, particularly the inhabitants of Earth; he will battle his foes with unyielding resolve to uphold this belief. In power and intelligence, Optimus Prime has no equal, known as one of the greatest heroes on both Cybertron and Earth. which is obvious to all but the moronic decepticons The original Optimus Prime transforms into a cab over flat-nose truck.
Source : Wikipedia

With all the hype with the new Transformers movie, here is another papercraft to add to your collection :D Its Optimus prime, the leader of the transformers brought by the good people at PaperRobots1999. This papercraft model uses rubberbands to connect its parts so that you can transform it from a robot to a truck!

The pdf file consists of one page of parts and two pages of instructions. The papercraft model can be positioned to whatever pose because the parts are movable and can even stand on it's own. It is about 4.5" high and about 1.5" high.


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by Iced Nyior