One Piece - Lucky Roo Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

One Piece - Lucky Roo Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


One Piece - Lucky Roo Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper model is the Lucky Roo, based on the Anime / manga series One Piece, this paper toy was designed by blackignus. Lucky Roo is a member of the Red Hair Pirates and one of Shanks' main crewmembers.

Lucky Roo has a round body shape and he is always seen eating a rack of meat. He is shown wearing goggles over his eyes at all times. Out of the the entire crew, he appears to have changed the least over the years and shows little in the way of aging. In every appearance, Roo is smiling happily no matter how serious the situation is, such as Shanks clashing with Whitebeard.

He wears a green t-shirt with white vertical stripes on it, paired by a matching bandanna on his head, short beige pants with a dark green sash around his waist, and red shoes with fur around the ankles. He has a yellow coat draped over his shoulders like a cape, with a fur-lined collar and red epaulets with black stripes on them.

Roo appears to be a very fun loving pirate who is often seen hanging around another one of Shanks's crewmembers, Yasopp. He seems to be one of Shanks's more trusted crew members, as he is always seen when the Red Hair Pirates are featured, usually when something crucial happens. He shares this trait with Benn Beckman and Yasopp. He is the first person to actually kill someone in One Piece and sets the stage for the series: A pirate's life is a dangerous one.

He has a very large appetite and in the manga he is seen drinking a whole barrel of sake by himself in the background while the crew was at the bar Makino worked in. He is almost always shown with a large grin even during the war, holding a large rack of meat in at least one hand, except for one scene in Episode 316, where he is holding onto a rail without any sign of meat.

You can download this One Piece cube paper craft model here: One Piece - Lucky Roo Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download