One Piece - Iron Pirate "Franky Shogun" Free Paper Model Download

One Piece - Iron Pirate "Franky Shogun" Free Paper Model Download


One Piece - Iron Pirate "Franky Shogun" Free Paper Model DownloadThis paper craft model is the Iron Pirate "Franky Shogun", based on the manga / Anime / Game series “”, this paper craft was created by jurnalkertas. Franky Shogun is the newest addition to the Battle Franky line, numbered BF 38.

Franky Shogun is a giant robot modeled after Franky. It is made by "docking" the Kurosai FR-U IV and the Brachio Tank V. Though several times the size of the average person, it is still smaller than Chopper in his Monster Point and a good deal smaller than the average giant. It is built out of Wapometal, and bears the BF-38 on its left collar and a modified Straw Hat jolly roger in the middle of its chest.

The head, legs, and torso are made up mainly of the Brachio Tank V, while the arms are mainly the Kurosai FR-U IV. Its overall appearance resembles that of post-timeskip Franky with his pre-timeskip hairstyle, with a large collar and the Brachio Tank's caterpillar treads on its back.

Franky Shogun is modeled after its name, a shogun. A one person weapon/vehicle, Franky himself pilots it inside a control room in the chest and operates it from there. It is equipped with a giant "marauder's" sword named Franken (literally meaning "Fran Sword"). However, Franky is rather inept at using a sword, so the attacks are seemingly ineffective, and it appears most of its projectile armaments are purely from Franky himself. It has a drill on its head. Franky can also use the giant fists to deliver powerful punches.

In its first appearance, the robot pretty much did nothing, since most of its attacks came from Franky himself when he opened the cockpit, to the point that Robin even questioned if Frank really needed it for the fight. This was mostly a gag, however, as it was shown in the fight with Baby 5 that it is indeed truly a force to be reckoned with, having powerful weaponry and being very resilent to damage, enough to get hit with a point blank missile attack from Baby 5 and only be knocked over from the blast. The Franky Shogun also provides protection from any outside agent as seen when Franky uses it to stand in the middle of a huge cloud of Caesar Clown's H2S gas unaffected.

You can download the paper model template here: One Piece - Iron Pirate "Franky Shogun" Free Paper Model Download