Okamiden - Nanami Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Okamiden - Nanami Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Okami - Nanami Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Nanami, a mermaid who is a royal vassal for Otohime, from the video game of  series, the papercraft created by scarykurt. Nanami uses magic as her weapon. Nanami can swim to treasure chests since Chibiterasu, unlike Amaterasu, doesn't know how to swim. Nanami's and Chibiterasu's meetings are "effect before cause" because when Chibiterasu first meets Nanami, it is Chibiterasu's first meeting and Nanami's second meeting, but further in the game, when Chibiterasu goes back 9 months, it is Nanami's first meeting and Chibiterasu's second meeting. Nanami uses a fountain-like power that blasts enemies high into the air. Her two most treasured items are the Wet Jewel and the Dry Jewel, given to her by Otohime, which lend her power over the rising tides. She seems to wear these jewels to hold her hair up in two buns.

Nanami has an orange mermaid tail and has blue hair with orange fins protruding from her head, two coming from the top of her head and two smaller ones coming from behind her head. She wears an orange scaly tube top. She has blue scales around her wrists and has orange fins coming out of them. She fights with a small blue dagger. When she finds the Wet and Dry Jewels, she wears one on each side of her head with her hair wrapped around them.

Nanami is a child mermaid with aqua-colored hair. Her hair is of medium length and appears to be composed entirely of water. When the Wet and Dry Jewels are in her possession, she ties her hair into two buns and attaches the Jewels to it. Her attire is a turtle shell-like chestplate, with several scale-like laces. She also wears bracelets on both wrists. It is debatable if the frills by her bracelets are her actual frills or ornaments.

Notably, Nanami is the only Dragonian in the entire series to be a mermaid, while the others have feet. she is also the only known Dragonian to have hair made entirely of water. She has two pairs of tangerine frills on her head, one pair that protrudes from the top of her head and another pair that hangs downwards just behind her ears. The frills on her hands are also tangerine, and are similar in appearance to dorsal fins. Just below her belly button is her mermaid tail, just as tangerine, slightly golden and as stout as Nanami herself.

Nanami was a very high spirited mermaid when she met Chibiterasu. That time, Chibiterasu haven't yet to go back in time to meet Nanami with Otohime. Nanami is considered as a very independent young mermaid, as she is also very responsible until she is very commited to retrieve back her lost Dry an Wet Jewels from Bullhead. In the past however, Nanami was being less upfront with Chibiterasu, since he had just instantly jump onto Nanami when he greets her. Nanami is considered as quite a girly girl, when Genji took her with him in the wild goose chase at Sage Shrine, she had done nothing to stop him until she went fed up when Genji keep flying her over and over around the place.

Nanami, when caught by Kokari, was very mad to humans when Kokari actually threw her back into the waters until she got caught by the Witch Queen's lackeys.

Nanami is a mermaid giving her affinity over water as such, her hair is full of it. Chibiterasu can use this to an advantage as a source of water for Waterspout in battle. She also assists Chibiterasu attack by creating a fountain of water around her, dealing damage to any nearby enemies when Chibiterasu's combo finisher connects.

In the field, Her mermaid heritage allows her to swim. With Guidance, she can travel pools and rivers to reach places for Chibiterasu. Note, however, that it is also due to her mermaid body she cannot traverse land and if is directed across land, can only hop a short distance. Her hair can also be used as a water source outside of battle. [Source: neoseeker]

You can download this cube papercraft toy here: Okamiden - Nanami Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download