Okamiden - Kyokugami Family Cube Crafts Free Paper Toys Download

Okamiden - Kyokugami Family Cube Crafts Free Paper Toys Download


Okamiden - Kyokugami Family Cube Crafts Free Paper Toys DownloadThese cube craft paper toys are Kyokugami Family, based on the video game Okamiden, the papercrafts created by scarykurt. Kyokugami is a brush god introduced Okamiden. He is a whale and is accompanied by his two children, who bounce on his water spout. He gives Chibiterasu Magnetism, the power to control magnets. Kyokugami is covered in celestial markings like the rest of the gods; however, he also has a red and blue taiji on his head. Each of his children has a tomoe on their head.

Okamiden, known as Okamiden: Chiisaki Taiyo in Japan, is an action-adventure video game published by Capcom for the Nintendo DS handheld game console. It is an indirect sequel to the PlayStation 2 and Wii title Okami. It was designed by Kuniomi Matsushita, the director of the Wii port of Okami, and Motohide Eshiro, producer of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny.

Much of Okamiden's story centers around the children of previous characters from Okami and their adventures and the relationships that form through the game's story, according to producer Motohide Eshiro. The game takes place nine months after the events of Okami. In spite of Amaterasu's battle against the Dark Lord Yami, which would kill all the demons in Nippon, they return. The Konohana Sprite Sakuya, a character from the original Okami, summons the Sun Goddess Amaterasu, but instead finds Chibiterasu, who looks like a young version of Amaterasu. Chibiterasu, as revealed by Matsushita, is, in fact, Amaterasu's child/son, as was previously speculated. Producer Eshiro noted that he is a "young form of existence" and not fully grown; he retains several abilities of Amaterasu, including the Celestial Brush, but lacks her power, which will be reflected in the plot and gameplay. Matsushita also called Chibiterasu clumsy and having childlike traits of "being tearfully sentimental or not being able to make decisions".

Issun, Amaterasu's partner in the first game, is unavailable to help Chibiterasu as he is busy with his duties as the Celestial Envoy, and thus Chibiterasu is tasked to find other partners to help rid the world of evil. One of the partners that accompanies Chibiterasu is Kuni the adopted son of Susano and Kushi, two characters from Okami. Other partners include: Nanami, a young mermaid that is able to swim about in underwater stages; Kagu, a spirit medium who helps Chibiterasu see ethereal elements; Kurow, a flute-playing young boy that bears some traits similar to Waka from Okami; and Manpuku, an overweight boy carrying fire who can walk through ice spikes and can provide a fire source for the Inferno technique.

Chibiterasu and his various partners initially track down an evil summoner named King Fury that gave rise to the curses across the lands. When Chibiterasu defeats King Fury, they find a stronger evil known as Akuro, who is seeking to curse the lands of Nippon. To do so, he must acquire the blood from Orochi, the eight-headed demon fought several times in the first game. Akuro travels back one year to when Amaterasu faced down Orochi; Chibiterasu follows it and are able to prevent it from recovering the blood. Furious, Akuro travels back 100 years in time, when the swordsman Nagi and Shiranui, the wolf form that Amaterasu was later given, defeated Orochi previously.

The team travel back in time to follow Akuro. Just before they enter Moon Cave, Kurow leaves the group, claiming to have found his 'True Mission'. The pup, saddened at Kurow's sudden departure, heads on into the cave to fight Akuro. Chibi, however is unable to prevent Akuro from obtaining the blood this time, as Kurow, who has apparently turned evil and become Akuro's servant, stops Chibiterasu's efforts. Chibiterasu and his other allies follow Akuro to the dark realms where they find the demon has taken up residence in the body of Kuni and that Kurow intends on fighting the pup. Chibiterasu is forced to fight his former partner, expelling Akuro's spirit and freeing Kuni, but evil Kurow willfully allows it to take his body. However, this has been Kurow's plan all the time; he reveals he is a living doll of Waka, with the goal to house Akuro's spirit, such that if he is killed with Akuro inside him, Akuro would be dispelled. Chibiterasu, fighting back tears, complies with Kurow's instructions, and Akuro is destroyed forever. Kurow, just before his death, is sad about how he was nothing but a doll, however, the other reassure him that it was his adventures with Chibiterasu that made him who he really was. It was these adventures that made him more than just a doll. Kurow dies happily, surrounded by friends. Afterwards, the remainder of Chibiterasu's partners return to their homes, more confident in their abilities; Kuni leaves home to seek out who he really is, much to Susano's regret. Chibiterasu joins with Issun to return back to the Celestial Plain to reunite with Waka and Amaterasu.

Other characters from Okami return, including Issun, Mr. and Mrs. Orange, and Sakuya. The game will feature locales from Okami as well as new areas to explore as part of its adventure. Chibiterasu gains Celestial Brush power similar to those from Okami, but instead of finding the Celestial Brush Gods hiding in constellations, the player will have to travel to where the Brush Gods have chosen to rest, and acquire the skills from the Gods' children.

You can download the cube crafts here: Okamiden - Kyokugami Family Cube Crafts Free Paper Toys Download