Okamiden - Kagu and Variant Cube Craft Free Paper Toys Download

Okamiden - Kagu and Variant Cube Craft Free Paper Toys Download


Okamiden - Kagu and Variant Cube Craft Free Paper Toys DownloadThese cube craft paper toys are Kagu (Kagura) and a variant, a child actress who becomes one of Chibiterasu's partners on his journey, like Kuni, Nanami, Manpuku and Kurow, from the video game of series, the papercraft created by scarykurt.

Kagu usually refers to Chibiterasu as "Pooch". She is first met in Sei'an City where she is a popular actress in the Playhouse her parents, Tsuruya and Kiko, own.

Because she is a famous actress she can be bratty and bad tempered. She gets mad at Chibiterasu for taking too long to rescue her when he first meets, showing an impatient streak. She expects everyone to listen to her and follow her commands immediately. However as the story progresses she matures greatly. Her redeeming feature is her love for her parents and her willingness to do anything to save those she loves.

Kagu starts off as being aggressive towards others, bossing them around and expecting them to know who she is and what they should do. She is also afraid of being different, due to her Miko powers and will furiously shake any who draw attention to it. Kagu eventually shows a nicer side to her personality during the battle against Renjishi in the Playhouse, after Chibiterasu repeatedly took the blasts meant for her. She couldn't let it happen and started to accept herself for what she was and helped Chibiterasu with her powers.

Kagu is a young girl with dark hair, usually held up in a bun or in a ponytail. Her first outfit consists of a sleeveless, pink-colored kimono with yellow trimming, with a wrap around her waist kept together by a green bowed string. Her pants and feet are colored black like her hair. She wears a fancy floral headdress in her hair with strings of petal ornaments.

Kagu's second outfit, earned after defeating Renjishi in the Playhouse, resembles that of a Miko. She now wears golden bells and simple, white, rosary-like string ornaments in her hair. The sleeves and hakama of her new outfit cover her hands and feet, presumably because of her small size and it is a little big for her.

Despite her young age, Kagu is a powerful Miko, similar to Rao. Her powers give her a special sight that allow her to see spirits and perceive things that had been previously unnoticable by normal people. This "sight" is vital, as it reveals spirit floors, granting Chibiterasu access to new areas that were previously inaccessible. These floors are only seen when Kagu is on Chibiterasu's back. When she is on the ground, Chibiterasu has to rely on memory to guide Kagu pass through. She also has the ability to generate force fields made of spiritual energy that are strong enough to repel attackers and hold objects, although she can only maintain these for a short amount of time.

Like Rao, Kagu uses prayer slips during battle. These can aid Chibiterasu in battle, when fired, by homing in on the enemy and damaging them. Kagu's prayer slips play an important part in the game - they can dispel the evil seals that prevents Chibiterasu from hitting Renjishi's weak points, and as part of the story, help banish evil spirits from the buildings located around Sei'an City. However, they are not powerful enough to damage powerful spirits such as King Fury. She has a variety of them - one of the slips Kagu gives to Chibiterasu enables him and his partner to warp from the location of any Ultimate Origin Mirror.

When Kagu teams up with Chibiterasu, she displays remarkable aerobatic skills such as spinning in midair while attacking.

When Chibiterasu finishes a combo hits, Kagu will jumps up in the air and fires either three of her fans or exorcising slips depending on her attire. The three projectiles will homes directly to Chibiterasu's final target or the other nearest target. If no targets are available, the projectiles will eventually fall to the ground. After she fires her projectiles, she will fall again to Chibiterasu's back.

During the battle against the resurrected King Fury, Kagu demonstrates the ability to fly using her Miko powers. She also seems to be able to transform from her theatre attire to her Miko attire instantly through the use of her powers. [Source: neoseeker]

You can download this cube papercraft toy here: Okamiden - [Kagu] and [Variant] Cube Craft Free Paper Toys Download