Okami - Susano Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Okami - Susano Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Okami - Susano Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Susano, the direct descendant of the legendary hero Nagi and resides in Kamiki Village, based on the video game and , the papercraft created by scarykurt. Susano is the descendant of the great warrior Nagi who 100 years ago battled the Orochi and sealed him in Moon Cave. Without Susano's foolish deeds there would have been no reason for Amaterasu to be revived and therefore no story, as we find out Susano was the one to free the Orochi and released his curse and other evils throughout the lands. He resides in Kamiki Village where he is held of high regard. He has feelings for Kushi although he never tells her. His wooden sword is called Tohenboku. However when Amaterasu uses Crescent to lend Susano her power during the fight with the Orochi, it turns a gold colour and the plant blooms and he renames it Susano Blossom.

Susano is based on the God of Storms, Susanoo. Susanoo was the brother of Amaterasu, the Sun God and Tsukuyomi, the God of the Moon. However after he went into a rage he was banished from the Celestial Plain. Down on earth he met a couple who had to give one of their daughter's to the Yamata no Orochi each year to prevent futher destruction. However this year they had to give their eight and final daughter, Kushinada-hime, away. Susanoo sees Kushinada-hime and instantly falls in love with her, he then transforms her in to a comb to hide her from the Yamata no Orochi. This fools the Orochi and Susano can then slay him. This story is extremely like Susano's part in Okami as Kushi is even based off Kushinada-hime.

Susano has an almost identical face to that of Nagi. The top of his head is bald and framed by black hair that sticks up on either side, and he has a full beard that connects to his large, single eyebrow. Susano has a prominent red nose and beady, white eyes, with three lashes on each. His clothes are extremely similar to Kuni's. He wears a simple, sleeveless, purple outfit with a red belt and simple black shoes. Around his neck is a necklace sporting a large, green magatama. Susano has short, stubby legs, large, hairy forearms and hands, and small biceps. His sword, Tohenboku, is a simple wooden sword with a little twig adorning a leaf on it.

Susano is very proud of the fact that he is a direct descendant of Nagi, however it seems that unlike Nagi he is cowardly and lazy in some situations. He believes that his bloodline makes him "The Greatest Warrior ever" and that there is no feat to great for his power. However he also has a high reputation to uphold as others now expect more of him, this causes him to feel overshadowed compared to his ancestor. In turn he shows his selfishness by releasing the Orochi because he believes that Nagi is not who he is believed to be.

He appears to be lazy as often Amaterasu finds him sleeping in several places, however he simply says that he is meditating. He is cowardly because after he releases the Orochi he flees back to Kamiki, blocks the village entrance and lies about doing it as he is afraid of facing the consequences. He is also to cowardly to tell Kushi of how her feels about her.

However despite all this he has a strong belief in the Gods, we can figure this out as if he did not believe in the Gods he would not worry about Karma and what he has done to the Orochi.

He also shows that he is not as different to Nagi as we first believe. He comes through for Kushi when she needs him to defeat the Orochi and saves her and he shows unquestionable courage in the face of danger. Even before the final battle with the Orochi he sets of on a journey to try and rid the lands of the evil he set free.

He also has some power of his own as the boulder blocking the entrance to Kamiki Village could only be broken with his help and he decapitates the last Orochi head by himself.

Susano makes a reappearance in Okamiden where he and Kushi live in Yakushi Village with their son Kuni. As the events of Okamiden, happen only three months after Okami, Susano is not Kuni's real father. Instead he was only found and adopted by Susano after Chibiterasu pulled him out of the lake at Moon Cave, nine months into the past.

Kuni is a lot like his father, he is dressed similarly and carries a wooden sword like him along with having matching hairstyle. His personality also resembles his father's. He is brave as he goes on an adventure with Chibiterasu however he admits he is scared at times, mainly because he is not Susano's real son. However, he still has real son. [Source: neoseeker]

You can download this cube papercraft toy here: Okami - Susano Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download