Okami - Sakigami and Tsutagami Cube Craft Paper Toys Free Download

Okami - Sakigami and Tsutagami Cube Craft Paper Toys Free Download


Okami - Sakigami and Tsutagami Cube Craft Paper Toys Free DownloadHere are two cube craft paper toys, Sakigami and Tsutagami, based on the action-adventure video game  of series, the papercrafts created by scarykurt. Sakigami is the first of The Hanagami that you will meet. He plays a shō and his constellation is found in Hana Valley. He teaches Amaterasu the "Bloom" technique, which is a crucial part of the game. This is because it is needed to revive the Guardian Saplings that get rid of the Orochi's cursed zones. As an extra, the flora that grow in Amaterasu's steps receive an "upgrade" after bloom is discovered.

Draw a circle around the center of a tree or flower to make it burst into bloom. The circle does not have to enclose the entire plant; when silhouetted against the sky, an overly large circle may be mistaken for an attempt as Sunrise. During combat, a stunned Bud Ogre can be peeled open this way to reveal its vulnerable core. Drawing a circle around people will usually improve their spirits, making them pet Amaterasu or, in the Digging minigames, boost their pace. There are exceptions, however; Oina characters will simply change between their human/wolf forms, and some characters, such as Mr. and Mrs. Cutter, or anyone past the Spirit Gate, will become hostile.

Dots on the ground will spring up into trees. Although they quickly vanish, these trees can block a charging enemy or damage airborne opponents from below.

Even after a Guardian Sapling has been revived, some patches of cursed vegetation will remain in the area, usually emitting dark purple fumes with a skull in the middle. These patches can be revived by using Bloom to paint over them, in a manner similar to Rejuvenation; this will usually generate some Praise and reveal useful areas underneath, such as Clovers or animals.

Tsutagami is the third and last of the Hanagami flora gods. Like Sakigami and Hasugami, he is a monkey, this time playing a pair of cymbals. He bestows the Vine technique, and his constellation is located at Tsuta Ruins. Vine is a technique that allows Amaterasu to reach higher or otherwise inaccessible locations by drawing a line from any open Konohana blossom to herself. A vine will appear and pull her toward the blossom. Note that blossoms which face downwards will immediately drop Amaterasu once she reaches them, meaning she'll need to quickly vine to another blossom or fall.

Vine can also be used on certain objects with projecting hooks, which the vines can pull toward the Konohana blossoms. Multiple vine/hook attachments may be needed for a noticeable effect on the object.

You can dowload these papercraft toys here: Okami - Sakigami and Tsutagami Cube Craft Paper Toys Free Download