Okami - Rao and Ninetails Rao Cube Craft Free Paper Toys Download

Okami - Rao and Ninetails Rao Cube Craft Free Paper Toys Download


Okami - Rao and Ninetails Rao Cube Craft Free Paper Toys DownloadThese cube craft paper toys are Rao and Ninetails Rao, from the video game , the papercraft created by scarykurt. Rao is the extremely beautiful priestess of Ankoku Temple. She is given the nickname "Busty Babe" by Issun and it amply fits her. She is a regent to Queen Himiko and she also protects Ryoshima Coast from evil using her Prayer Slips. She is adored by all, because she also works as a healer to the sick.

However this is not the real Rao; the Rao that Amaterasu and Issun meet is an evil Rao that has been taken over by Ninetails. This evil Rao tricks them and asks them to find the Fox Rods as she convinces them that they will defeat Ninetails. She also asks them to kill the Water Dragon, even though this is the only way to get to Ninetail's domain, Oni Island.

Previous to this the real Rao had been killed by Ninetails, as she was the one who fought her and took away her Fox Rods. Her body was hidden under Ankoku Temple and left to rot while Ninetails disguised herself as Rao. Only when Amaterasu and Issun find the real Rao's body does Ninetails reveal herself to be posing as Rao. They then have to fight Evil Rao who has the masked head of Ninetails and the body of Rao.

Rao is very beautiful, and as a result a large number of characters seem to be attracted to her. She has a large chest that is the focus of Issun's attention, causing Issun to nickname her "busty babe". She wears a nun's hood, a necklace of blue beads and a purple dress with a yellow sash. When Ninetails' impersonation has been revealed and she changes to her 'Evil Rao' form, her outfit changes as well. She gains a fox mask and arm guards, and moves her hood back to allow space for her ears. She wields a smaller version of Ninestrike. The sword has a brush on the end of it, but she never uses it.

There are some obvious differences between the "Real Rao" and "Evil Rao" in terms of clothing: Although their outfit is mostly the same, Real Rao wears blue beads and shows both of her eyes, but Evil Rao wears red beads and covers one eye with her hair to conceal the fact that she is missing an eye. Also, Evil Rao's shown eye is closely inspected, it has a beauty mark below it.

Not much of the real Rao's personality is revealed due to her death before Amaterasu gets a chance to meet her, but Evil Rao's impersonation was so accurate that nobody could tell the difference. Rao appears to be a kind-hearted and generous person who honors Queen Himiko and is very loyal in her position as Regent of Sei'an City. Most of the residents of the city have come to see her as a figure of hope and trust. However, she acts oddly in some instances, which later causes Amaterasu to discover her true identity. Oddly, Rao does not seem to notice Issun's attraction to her. This may be because she is not used to the ways of humans. [Source: neoseeker]

You can download this cube papercraft toy here: Okami - [Rao] and [Ninetails Rao] Cube Craft Free Paper Toys Download