Okami - Princess Fuse Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Okami - Princess Fuse Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Okami - Princess Fuse Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Mushi, the only remaining Preistess of Gale Shrine, and lives near its entrance above Kusa Village, also the widow of Yatsu, the previous priest and caretaker of the Eight canine warriors, based on the action-adventure video game series , the character also appears in , the papercraft created by scarykurt. Princess Fuse is a beautiful young woman and of course Issun becomes smitten with her.

Princess Fuse the princess of the same name from the 106 volume novel Nansō Satomi Hakkenden. It tells the story of 8 Samurai Brothers, who are the children of the Princess. However their father is dog possessed by demons. The story goes that one night, when the enemy Anzai was laying siege to the castle, Lord Satomi Yoshizane said to the dog, in jest, that if he were to kill Anzai, he would give him his daughter's hand in marriage. The dog believed his offer and killed the enemy and Lord Satomi Yoshizane, in keeping with his promise, gave the dog his daughter, Princess Fusehime. Princess Fusehime has a virgin birth but commits suicide out of the shame of carrying the dog's children. The children are then born as spirits but are later reborn as men from human mothers each carried one of the eight Holy Crystal Beads of Virtue. Princess Fusehime had a rosary that was made of 108 beads. One hundred were small beads however, eight were larger. Each of the eight beads had one of the Virtues inscribed on it and when each of her children were born, they had one of the beads.

When Amaterasu and Issun first come to Kusa Village they find it plagued with monsters. They then meet Princess Fuse who is the only Priestess in the whole village. She is trying desperately to restart the village's windmills which in turn create a divine wind which keep the monsters away. However when you first meet her she is possessed by a Blue Imp, after you rescue her she will send you on a mission.

She tells Amaterasu that a the windmills have stopped and that she is worried about the Canine Warriors. They each hold one of the Satome Power Orbs which are the only way to defeat the Crimson Helm and start the windmills again. They have not returned after she had summoned them so she gives Amaterasu the Canine Tracker and asks her to find them and send them back. Amaterasu finds five of the Canine Warrioes in the village itself however Princess Fuse then reveals the other three are far away. Amaterasu searches the lands for them and finds one in Sasa Sanctuary, another one pretending to be Kokari's dog, Ume and the last one is in Kamiki Village pretending to be Mushikai's dog, Hayate. These last three dogs fight Amaterasu and after she defeats them they tell her that they cannot give up their duties and return. They then give Amaterasu their Satome Power Orb..

Upon returning to Princess Fuse, she tells them that the Power Orbs have chosen her as their master and now she is the one who has to defeat the Crimson Helm. After defeating the Orochi she returns to the Satome House with the remaining Canine Warriors.

You can dowload this papercraft toy here: Okami - Princess Fuse Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download [Part 2]