Okami - Ninetails Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Okami - Ninetails Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Okami - Ninetails Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Ninetails, a large, powerful, nine-tailed kitsune who rules Oni Island and is one of the major antagonists of the video game and , the papercraft created by scarykurt.

As well as being based off the Kitsune, the storyline involving Ninetails is similar to the Japanese tale of Tamamo-no-Mae. This tells the story of the Japanese noblewoman Tamamo-no-Mae who was the most intelligent and beautiful woman in all the country. Although she was only twenty years old, she had a wealth of knowledge on every subject and there was nothing she could not answer. She always had a mysteriously wonderful fragrance and her clothes were always pristine. However Tamamo-no-Mae was in fact a Kitsune and she was making the Emperor sick in a plot to steal his throne. This is much like the mysterious green mist plaguing Sei'an City that would have killed the Emperor if it was not for Amaterasu and Issun. Luckily that even though she made an escape, she was captured and put to death.

Ninetails is an evil Kitsune who is the fifth boss you will meet in this game. She is the ruler of Oni Island which can be found off Ryoshima Coast, thus making her the boss of this game segment. She is also referred to as "The Dark Lord" and "Demon Lord Ninetails". Ninetails is the character that reveals the existence of Yami, a being of ultimate evil. Ninetails is very like Amaterasu in the fact that she, too, can use Brush Techniques which is an added difficulty when fighting her as she can even use techniques Amaterasu has not learned yet. Ninetails can also harness the power of electricity as she fights with the Ninestrike Glaive and Oni Island is rife with lightning. Her glaive has a Celestial Brush on the bottom of the hilt.

As stated, Ninetails is a nine-tailed kitsune with fur of a golden color and nine tails. Each of its long tails ends with a brush-like tip dipped in red ink and hoods with masks just below the brushes. The central tail, which houses Ninetail's true form, also has a necklace of red beads around the mask. Ninetails wears a white mask with red markings, as a mockery of Amaterasu's divine appearance. However, when all of Ninetails' tails are destroyed but the central one, then the demonic kitsune is revealed to be a mere old and beaten up fox with a single tail and a lost eye.

In battle, Ninetails uses Ninestrike, the seemingly dark copy of Seven Strike, and other fighting techniques that are copies of Amaterasu's abilities, as a mockery of her. Ninetails can perform a charging headbutt across the arena, submerging its tails into the ground and following Amaterasu then spear her from below, raising its tails and spraying a toxic liquid, charging Ninestrike with dark energy before delivering a devastating slash, rapid slashes and stab with the Dark Instrument, and last but not least, using the Celestial Brush with the techniques of Galestorm, Cherry bomb and Icestorm. [Source: neoseeker]

You can download this cube papercraft toy here: Okami - Ninetails Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download [Part 2]