Okami - Nagi Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Okami - Nagi Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Okami - Nagi Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Nagi, the fabled hero of the people of Nippon, the lover of Nami, and the ancestor of Susano, based on the action-adventure video game series , the papercraft created by scarykurt. 100 years ago he was the one that killed the Orochi along side Shiranui and sealed it in his great sword Tsukuyomi, thus freeing Nippon from evil. He is also the partner of Nami and it was she that inspired him to kill the Orochi.

Susano is angry of his ancestry as everyone expects him to be noble and brave like Nagi, they expect him to follow in his footsteps and go out to slay lots of monsters. However when Amaterasu travels back through the Spirit Gate we find out that Susano is in fact very much like Nagi.

Nagi, with the help of Shiranui, defeated Orochi 100 years ago with his sword Tsukuyomi. His style was to act cowardly to fool his opponent before striking. He epitomizes the saying "A smart falcon hides his claws from view". However, when Amaterasu actually meets Nagi by going back in time through the Spirit Gate, it is shown Nagi actually is a very lazy man, much like Susano, and is not the serious warrior everyone in the present believes him to be. Nagi has poor spelling skills as shown by his spelling of "warrior" as "worrier".

Nagi's armor is similar to Amaterasu and Celestial Brush gods' coloration: White with red markings and swirls. His sword Tsukuyomi is blue with a moon crescent on it. He has a full beard and black hair, although most of it is covered by his helmet.

You can dowload this cube papercraft toy here: Okami - Nagi Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download [his Hat]