Okami - Mrs. Orange and Mr. Orange Free Paper Toys Download


Okami - Mrs. Orange and Mr. Orange Free Paper Toys DownloadThese two paper toys are Mrs. Orange and Mr. Orange, two characters from the action-adventure video game series , the papercrafts are created by scarykurt.

Mrs. Orange is a resident of Kamiki Village. A kind lady, she appreciates help with Amaterasu drying her laundry, and will gratefully make her special cherry cakes in return.

Being the wife of the Village elder, Mr. Orange. Mrs. Orange also has an orange on top of her head. She has short white hair and wears a simple headband around it. Her clothes consist of a simple purple robe and a light yellow sash. She carries a huge basket on her back, which holds her laundry.

Mr. Orange is the elder of Kamiki Village. Mr. Orange is known for his signature orange on the top of his head, hence the name, Mr. Orange. He, at his old age, has a bald head and a long, white beard. He also dons a blue robe and carries a wooden staff to support his frail old self. Also, he has a rope tied around his neck, significantly resembling a shimenawa with two shide on the sides of the central knot.

Mr. Orange is a mostly gentle old man. He enjoys sake, despite that he claims he doesn't drink. He has a talent for dancing, even creating the Konohana Shuffle to revitalize Konohana. He shows concern for all the villagers, especially towards Kushi when she was chosen as Orochi's sacrifice. He also shows that he has little tolerance for foolishness, Susano usually the one to take the scorn. Unfortunately, he lacks faith in the gods since he sees  as a normal white wolf. [Source: wikia]

You can download the papercraft toys here: Okami - Mrs. Orange and Mr. Orange Free Paper Toys Download