Okami - Issun Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Okami - Issun Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Okami - Issun Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Issun (aka Issun-Boshi), the traveling companion to Amaterasu in an effort to learn all 13 Celestial Brush Techniques and a traveling artist who originates from Ponc'tan, based on the video game and , the papercraft created by scarykurt. There are two versions for this paper toy.

Issun is based on the Japanese folk story of "Issun-bōshi" or "One Inch Boy" in English. It also bears resemblance to the English story, "Tom Thumb". This tells the story of an old woman who prays for a child, however when she eventually has one her child is only the size of a man's fingertip. When the boy realises he will never grow he travels the world and eventually meets a beautiful princess, they soon become friends. One day when traveling with her they come across and ogre that eats Issun, however Issun kills the ogre from the inside with his trusty sword. The ogre spits out Issun along with a mallet. This mallet allows Issun to grow to full size. He and the Princess then marry. This is also similar to our Issun's story, as Amaterasu and Issun find the Lucky Mallet. However this allows Amatersu to shrink to Issun's size and not the other way around.

Issun is the other main character of the game, accompanying Amaterasu on her journey. He is part of the Poncle tribe, something he tries to keep hidden throughout the game. Issun claims that he is a "Wandering Artist" and a master of the brush stroke Rejuvination. In appearance, he is only an inch tall and wears a beetle shell on his head. He always carried his trusted sword, Denkomaru which is what he attacks with when the Thief's Glove is used. When Amaterasu is at her normal size Issun appears as only a small, green dot, occasionally turning red when angered. Issun has an eye for the ladies and will generally try to flirt with every one he sees, and has even gone as far as sneaking into Sakuya's clothes. Although Issun is seen as self centered and arrogant, he does share a special bond with Ammy, and is happy to guide her through her journey, even if it puts him into danger. He grows closer to her the further the game goes on. He sometimes nicknames Amaterasu "Furball", although in an affectionate way, similar to calling her "Ammy". As Amaterasu does not speak, Issun acts as a kind of narrator for the player, as well as a comic relief in the dark parts of the game.

Issun is a member of the Poncle Tribe who live in a villiage, Ponc'tan in a tree trunk, deep in the forest of Yoshpet. He has a grandfather Ishaku, however he left his tribe behind after problems with him. Ishaku was a Celestial Envoy who became the leader of the Ponc'tan Tribe after he helped defeat the True Orochi and it was his duty to help Issun to paint so that someday he could be the next Celestial Envoy. Issun had so much talent, talent that surpassed Ishaku himself so Ishaku pushed Issun hard so he could paint to the best of his potential. However Issun didn't realise Ishaku's motives and got angry with him. The breaking point came when Issun rescued a young girl from the Oina Tribe who was lost in the forest, this girl was Kai. As he saved her life, Issun became better and better friends with the other members of the Oina Tribe including Kai herself, who he often visited. Ishaku didn't like this as it caused Issun to neglect his training, the tension between them increased. So eventually Issun ran away, stealing a drawing Ishaku had done of Sakuya and he ended up travelling to Kamiki Village where the adventure starts.

Issun makes a reappearance in Okamiden. When the game first begins, we see Issun fulfilling his duties as Celestial Envoy as he is travelling around Nippon and spreading word of Amaterasu and her great deeds. We first see him in Yakushi Village where he is giving his drawings to an unimpressed Ayamo who has never even heard of Amaterasu. After she leaves, Issun is attacked by Imps and much to his surprise he is saved by the little wolf pup, Chibiterasu. The duo then travel to Kamiki Village to find Sakuya who Issun hopes might have an idea as to where Chibiterasu comes from. In Kamiki Village, Sakuya's tree is hit by lightening from a sudden and mysterious storm and an even more mysterious roar starts to echo out through the lands. Issun and Chibiterasu go in search of a partner who will help Chibiterasu investigate the sudden goings on and try and learn the Bloom brush technique to restore Konohana. After they find a partner, Kuni, Issun stays behind to look after the now weakened Sakuya.

He then reappears several time throughout the game. He can be encountered leaving the Moon Tribe Ruins with an artifact and he will comment on how Kurow bears a striking resemblance to Waka.

At the very end, he and Chibiterasu leave for the Celestial Plain together. Issun leaves many signs around various dungeons and areas that supply Chibiterasu with little tips and various tidbits of information. [Source: neoseeker]

You can download this cube papercraft toy here: Okami - Issun Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download [Part 2] [Ver.2]