Okami - Canine Warrior Jin (Ume) Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Okami - Canine Warrior Jin (Ume) Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Okami - Canine Warrior Jin Ume Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Canine Warrior Jin (Ume), a dog that belonged to Kokari, one of Canine Warriors (often referred to as the Satomi Canine Warriors, the Eight Canine Warriors and later renamed the Kusa 5 were the eight dogs who were the guardians of the Gale Shrine, which was accessible via Kusa Village), based on the video game and , the papercraft created by scarykurt.

Jin lived with Kokari and his father in Agata Forest. He was Kokari's constant companion, always watching him when he fished and accompananying him wherever the boy traveled. Ume was always referred to by his original name by the Eight Canine Warriors and Princess Fuse.

Ume is a pastel red Shiba Inu with white patches on his underside, "eyebrows", tail tip, paws, complete with several flower-shaped markings on his side. The Power Orb of Justice, which is the same color as his fur, is attached to the orange bandanna he wears around his neck. On the back of the bandanna is a circle with two lines within it, the symbol of the Satomi House that all Canine Warriors bear on their bandanna.

Jin holds the orb of Justice and as well as being a Canine Warrior he is posing as Kokari's dog Ume. Amaterasu must save him from the Spider Queen and then again from the Whopper however she just thinks he is a normal troublesome dog. Princess Fuse will send Amaterasu out to look for the Canine Warriors and she must battle Jin however even after his defeat he will not leave Kokari so he relinquishes his Power Orb to her. He can later be found with Kokari in Kamui.

He is of the Shiba-Inu dog breed. A Karmic Transformer that allows Amaterasu to look like him can be obtained by getting an "S" rank for the amount of Demon Fangs obtained in the game.

Cross the raging rapids and follow the trial down the the main area of the forest. You should find Kokari near the base of the path by the water. Listen to him and they make your way up the path to the north to the spring located high above the rest of the forest. There you will find Kushi standing by the spring and a large red bucket. Listen to her, then use the Waterspout technique 3 times to fill the bucket.

A cutscene will ensue and Susano will appear again. He will attack the imps but you must use your Power Slash technique to help him out. Power Slash each imp that he attacks. Defeat all the imps for Susano and after the next scene you will have to simply leave Kushi with her bucket for the time being. Follow the Canine Tracker or the marker on your map to the island out in the middle of the forest.

Approach Kokari who is now on the island to trigger another cutscene. After that scene, listen to Kokari and opt to help him catch the Whopper. Like before, draw a line from the fishing pole to a fish. You'll need to catch two fish before finding the Whopper. Reel the Whopper in and Power Slash it after jerking it into the air. You'll have to do this twice before finally catching the monster of a fish.

After a small scene with Kokari, you will notice another constellation in the night sky. Add three dots end of the lines to meet Yumigami. You will now be granted the Crescent brush technique. After trying your new ability out, you will be force to do battle with Ume which is actually the Canine Warrior Jin. Cherry Bomb Jin until he is defeated. Watch out because he can dig a hole which you can get stuck in if you step in it. Jin will then proceed to pee on you which will drain all your ink. Once you have defeat Ume/Jin, he will give you the Justice Orb. Wander around if you'd like, but make your way back to Kamiki Village.

You can download this cube papercraft toy here: Okami - Canine Warrior Jin (Ume) Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download