Naruto - Two-Tails (Nibi) Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Naruto - Two-Tails (Nibi) Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Naruto - Two-Tails (Nibi) Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis Naruto papercraft is the Two-Tails (Nibi or Matatabi), the cube craft paper toy is designed by blackignus. Matatabi, more commonly known as the Two-Tails, is a tailed beast that was sealed within Yugito Nii of Kumogakure. It has been captured by Hidan and Kakuzu, then extracted and sealed by Akatsuki. It was later resealed into a reincarnated Yugito during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Matatabi first came into being in the waning days of the Sage of the Six Paths' life; to prevent the Ten-Tails' resurgence, the Sage split up its chakra and used his Creation of All Things ability to create nine separate constructs of living chakra, which would become known as the tailed beasts.Some time after being created, the Sage sat down with all the young tailed beasts and told them that they would always be together even when separated, and that one day they would become one entity again with different names as well as forms than they did then when the time came for them to understand what true power was.

Like Shukaku, many people believed that Matatabi was once a human that turned into a living ghost. Matatabi eventually fell into the possession of Kumogakure and was sealed within Yugito Nii when she was two years old. She was placed into a detestable training program in order to learn to control Matatabi's power. In the anime, Yugito agreed to have Nekobaa collect Matatabi's paw print for the Paw Encyclopaedia. In a cavern behind the Falls of Truth, where jinchūriki learn to control their tailed beasts, there are wall murals of Matatabi and Gyūki, which indicates how long the beasts were associated with the Land of Lightning.

Matatabi is a bakeneko that is completely engulfed with wild blue flames. It also has a right yellow eye and a left green eye, similar to an odd-eyed cat without pupils. When forced to transform by Tobi, Matatabi increased in size compared to when Yugito unleashed it. During the Sage of the Six Paths last days on earth, Matatabi had the appearance of an extremely large flaming kitten.

Compared to most of the tailed beasts, Matatabi has shown to be respectful and polite towards others, speaking in a formal manner using 'watashi' when referring to itself and using honourifics when addressing Naruto while introducing itself to the young man.

Matatabi has flexible muscles, which grant it great speed despite its large size. Its brute strength is enough to initially pummel Kakuzu who had attempted to use brute force to stop its paw forcing him to use his Earth Release: Earth Spear to survive the attacks. It is able to breathe fireballs which are powerful enough to destroy a sewer and the building above. As a tailed beast, Matatabi is able to create a Tailed Beast Ball.

You can download this cube naruto paper craft toy from here: Naruto - Two-Tails (Nibi) Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download