Naruto Shippuden - Yondaime Raikage Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Naruto Shippuden - Yondaime Raikage Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Naruto Shippuden - Yondaime Raikage Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis  cube craft paper toy is Yondaime Raikage (A), the  of Kumogakure, based on the series , this paper craft was created by alonso jacobo. There is another version here: Naruto Shippuden – Fourth Raikage Cube Craft Free Paper Toy. Yondaime Raikage is very caring and protective towards his younger brother, despite Killer B's status as a jinchūriki, and wept at the idea of his younger brother being captured by Akatsuki.

However, when Killer B's ploy to use the affair to have a vacation was discovered, Yondaime Raikage was furious, and swore to punish his little brother for it. He claims, that as the Raikage, he has made peace with the idea of having to kill his brother if the situation ever called for it. He also cared deeply for, and respected his father as seen when he was brought to tears at his father's funeral and, upon assuming the mantle of Raikage, swore to protect the village as he did.

He is also headstrong and somewhat easily aggravated, smashing a desk apart when news of his brother being captured arrived. He also seemingly has very little patience as seen when he burst through the window of his office to attend the Kage Summit, smashed the table at the Summit when the conversation was deviating and smashing through a wall to go after Sasuke. His assistant implied that he is prone to such actions whenever he was in that mental state. Yondaime Raikage also has a method of punishing his little brother with what he calls his "Iron Claw".

Yondaime Raikage also has a very stern and decisive demeanour, as seen when he was seemingly unaffected by Naruto's pleas for Sasuke's life. In his eyes, respect and strength mean everything in the ninja world, and the weak should and will be crushed. This correlates with his philosophy that a ninja should never compromise or bow down in front of another ninja.

Yondaime Raikage has also been shown to be very suspicious of the other ninja villages, accusing all of them of working with Akatsuki and questioning their loyalties. In battle, Yondaime Raikage is shown to be physically brutal, as he uses extreme physical force to devastate his opponents, and is willing to sacrifice a limb, rather than lose a chance to defeat his opponent. In spite of all this, Yondaime Raikage seems to be capable of acknowledging and respecting the skills of other shinobi and is not above accepting defeat should they best him in any way, as seen when he finally allowed B and Naruto to enter the battlefield after they surpassed him, in strength and speed, respectively. And before this, Yondaime Raikage even once thought that there was no one who could surpass the Fourth Hokage.

When he learned his brother was alive, his attitude had mostly calmed down since his first appearance. He spoke with civility with the other members of the Alliance, and kept his cool during Tsunade's outburst. However, after learning that Akatsuki reincarnated his father, Yondaime Raikage became enraged again. Like his brother, the Raikage is a compassionate person as well, as he reassured Darui about his left arm that he lost and told him not to blame himself.

Yondaime Raikage also holds strongly to the belief that the jinchūriki is not an individual, but instead is a tool of the village they live in and its Kage and as such, have no right to make decisions for themselves.

He is a tall dark-skinned man with a large muscular build, with his white hair combed back, a small moustache and beard. His face is very distinguished with pronounced cheekbones and tear troughs under his eyes, and a prominent crease across his forehead. He has pointed canines and his top lip also has a darker hue than the bottom one; traits he inherited from his father. During his fight with Sasuke Uchiha, he amputated his left forearm after it was burned by the flames of Amaterasu.

Unlike other Kage, A seems to wear his Kage haori and hat on a regular basis without a shirt underneath, further displaying his hulking physique. He has black Fūma Shuriken tattoos on both shoulders. Up until his fight with Sasuke, he had gold bangle bracelets on each wrist which have protrusions that can jut out when he attacks. Though he still wore the bracelet on his right arm after amputating the left arm at the Summit and even when he convened the second meeting of the Kage, since the Fourth Shinobi World War started however, he has stopped wearing it altogether. He also wears a gold belt around his waist with a boar's face engraved in the centre. All of these aspects combined give him the appearance of a professional wrestler.

When he was younger, Yondaime Raikage wore a high-collared outfit with ragged sleeve and matching pants along with a flak jacket and shin guards.

As the Raikage of Kumogakure and Supreme Leader of the Allied Shinobi Forces, Yondaime Raikage is undoubtedly an extremely powerful shinobi. His younger brother Killer B also mentioned in his fight with Sasuke that, before him, only Yondaime Raikage was able to deflect the Eight-Tails. Karin also notes that his chakra level is comparable to that of a tailed beast. A's signature fighting style is a combination of taijutsu and ninjutsu to form the powerful nintaijutsu. A was also noted to be the fastest shinobi in the world since Minato Namikaze's death. Yondaime Raikage has, however, noted that Naruto Uzumaki is the second person to evade his top-speed attack. [Source: wikia]

You can download this cube paper craft toy here: Naruto Shippuden - Yondaime Raikage Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download