Naruto Shippuden - Sasuke's Hawk Cube Craft Free Download


Naruto Shippuden - Hawk Sasuke Cube Craft Free DownloadThis Naruto papercraft cube is the Sasuke's Hawk, this paper toy is designed by blackignus. A very large hawk was summoned by Sasuke Uchiha during his fight against Danzō Shimura.

Sasuke rides on its back to avoid falling off the Samurai Bridge after being injured by Danzō's Wind Release: Vacuum Sphere. Sasuke disembarked in order to evade the Wind Release: Vacuum Wave while it flew downwards.

In the anime, the hawk further assists Sasuke in his battle by grabbing onto one of Danzō's wind-enhanced shuriken and threw it back at its owner, severing Danzō's right arm and having him release his grip on Sasuke, thus allowing Sasuke to slash Danzō in the chest; in the manga, it was Sasuke who severed the right arm with his Sword of Kusanagi. After Sasuke killed Danzō, the hawk was seen flying away from the battlefield.

You can download this cube Naruto paper craft toy from here: Naruto Shippuden - Sasuke's Hawk Cube Craft Free Download