Naruto Shippuden - Obito Uchiha Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Naruto Shippuden - Obito Uchiha Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Naruto Shippuden - Obito Uchiha Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is the Obito Uchiha, a major antagonist of the series , this paper craft was created by alonso jacobo. Obito Uchiha is a former chūnin-level shinobi from Konohagakure and a former member of Team Minato. Following a tragic loss, after his apparent death during the Third Shinobi World War, Obito took up the aliases "Madara Uchiha", and later Tobi and became an international criminal responsible for various felonies, including the Nine-Tails' Attack on Konoha. He is the current leader of Akatsuki, and one of the two remaining living Uchiha.

As a child, Obito had short, spiky, black hair and black eyes. He wore a long sleeved blue uniform with metal plating on the part that reached the back of his hands, as well as a blue jacket with an orange collar and trimmings. The jacket was fastened to the rest of the outfit by two buttons on the collar, and has the Uchiha clan crest at the back. He also wore a white belt, shinobi sandals, the standard Konoha forehead protector, and a pair of goggles with orange lens connected to ear protectors. After he was retrieved from Kusagakure, Madara replaced his destroyed right side with artificial substance from Hashirama's living clone. The right side of his face still remains heavily scarred. During his rehabilitation, Obito grew his hair out. He eventually cut it back down to the short length as in his childhood some time before the Nine-Tails' attack on Konoha. During his meetings with Kisame, and Itachi respectively, Obito was seen with long hair yet again, but he later cut it back to its usual length which he wears to this day.

As Tobi, Obito created an orange mask with spiral-pattern that only shows his right eye, a reminiscence of when Spiral Zetsu encased him. Under his Akatsuki cloak, he wears a black long-sleeve top that also covers his neck and chin, a pair of black gloves, and a pair of dark-coloured pants along with the standard Akatsuki shoes and white stirrups. On his waist, he wears a thick black belt with armour-like metal plates attached to it. He wore the same metal plates on his shoulders with a green scarf before becoming Deidara's partner. He wore blue nail polish on his fingers and toes. As Tobi, he wore Sasori's ring on his left thumb.

After he acquired the Rinnegan, Obito started wearing a new mask made of strong materials suited for the looming Fourth Shinobi World War. The mask was white with a purple tint that covers the entire upper-half of Obito's head with a design that resembled the Ten-Tails' eye, consisting of a ripple-pattern with three tomoe around the centre; two of these tomoe acted as the mask's eye-holes. He wears a pair of black pants and gloves, with a white, presumed form-fitting shirt underneath. Over this he wears a purple, high-collared, long sleeve mantle that splits down the lower half and has the Uchiha crest on the back. Around his waist he wears a simple, light-purple obi and a belt. Strapped to his back, he carried a purple gunbai with black trimmings and black tomoe, connected to a black chain that ran up his right sleeve.

In his youth, Obito was constantly late, which, more often than not, was due to the good deeds he had stopped to do, which usually had to do with aiding the elderly. Having made it a point in his life to do so, he noted that he knew all the elderly persons in Konoha, stopped once on his way to the Chūnin Exams to help an elderly woman carry her luggage, and even comically offered to clean Madara's nether regions when he met him. Obito was also easily moved to tears, which he always insisted was because he had gotten something in his eyes despite wearing goggles. Obito was in love with Rin; but his feelings were not mutual as Rin was attracted to Kakashi instead. Obito was frustrated by this, and envied Kakashi's prodigious skills, and so constantly sought to surpass him. Although these efforts usually ended in failure, he was able to spend time with Rin while she treated his injuries. Ultimately, Obito would never get the chance to reveal his feelings to Rin before his "death". As Kakashi noted, besides his student's rivalry with Sasuke and one-sided feelings for a female team-mate, Naruto shared other beliefs Obito had, such as his desire to become Hokage and never abandoning comrades on the battlefield. Even after "dying", Obito still cared deeply for his friends and village, and immediately wanted to return to see them again. However, upon witnessing Kakashi taking Rin's life, Obito's determination shattered, and his personality forever changed.

By the time he became an adult, conditioned by Madara to continue his work, Obito's personality changed drastically as he became extremely focused, calm and serious. From his former loyalty and care that seems to be derived from the Will of Fire, he now claims to have inherited the Uchiha clan's Curse of Hatred with the entire world itself as the object of his loathing. This conviction became increasingly stronger to the point of Obito no longer caring for his well being, stating he is nobody and that nothing matters to him besides the Eye of the Moon Plan. This lack of empathy includes those close to him, attacking Minato and Kakashi without hesitation if he ended up killing them as he believes once the Eye of the Moon Plan is completed he can just revive them along with Rin. Only his love for Rin remained, his desire to see her again becoming the motivation for his actions. He also became friends with Zetsu prior to his personality change, being one of his few genuinely positive relationships.

While frequently arrogant about his own abilities and disrespectful of those he considers as weak, he is not above giving praise to his enemies, such as his former teacher Minato for being able to wound him. He has also forsaken his dream of being Hokage and ideals of camaraderie, and derided Naruto for having both qualities. This arrogance was extended towards Kakashi despite the two being former friends and companions, praising his speed while berating him not to open his mouth so easily. Although Obito does not blame Kakashi, he considers him trash like himself and anyone who has lived in the world for so long, a twist to his former belief that anyone who abandons their comrades are lower than trash. Obito has also shown an aggressive and sadistic side, not above taking the newborn Naruto hostage to release Kurama from his mother and mercilessly killing Torune in order to be reincarnated moments later by using Fū as a sacrifice, all for the purpose of testing Kabuto's abilities.

When first introduced as "Tobi", Obito acted the role of the happy-go-lucky idiot, who annoyed most members of the Akatsuki, particularly Deidara, who frequently attacked Obito in a comedic fashion. Kisame, on the other hand, appreciated Obito's ability to brighten up a gloomy organisation such as theirs. In the anime, Obito is shown keeping up this charade even when no one was around. Eventually, Obito discards his role as a fool after Deidara's death and used it one final time to distract the Eight Man Squad during Sasuke's battle with Itachi.

Obito is a master of manipulation, either by subtly corrupting his target's own goals, omitting parts of stories or events to his own benefit as he did with Sasuke, or by appearing to share their beliefs. This is best seen in the existence of the Akatsuki, its wildly-differing members working together because they believe the organisation furthers their own ends; in actuality they are mere tools that further Obito's agenda as noted with the case of Nagato. He often avoids responsibility for the influence he has over others, claiming those he coerced and manipulated followed him willingly. He is also capable of great patience in attaining his goals, even lecturing Sasuke on it at one time. However, his patience isn't unlimited - at one point he chooses to discard caution and proceed with his plan in a more aggressive and decisive manner, and when the Ten-Tails is revived, he insists that the Eye of the Moon ritual be commenced immediately. He is also prone to taking risks - revealing Itachi's true history and motives with Sasuke to win his services was the first of many gambles Obito takes. Even though Sasuke does not always live up to his expectations, such as being unable to defeat the five Kage, Obito is nevertheless happy with his "development": his developing Sharingan and his growing isolation from all other allies. While he has threatened to kill Sasuke at times and even offered to turn him over to others, Obito remains attached to Sasuke, at least until he no longer has use for him. He was even able to take advantage of Madara by using his own necessity in Madara's ultimate ambition of becoming the Ten-Tails' jinchūriki, in order to fulfil his own desire of plunging the Shinobi Alliance into despair. After Neji's death, Obito insisted on pointing out to Naruto that he has lost many people, and that his beliefs would only lead to the deaths of all who had acknowledged him, to the point Madara noticing how Obito had become like his own past self.

Obito has also recently acquired an almost-obsessive fixation toward Naruto Uzumaki, whom reminds him of himself in his youth. Because of this, Obito expresses great anger towards Naruto for continuing to follow the same ideology that he once possessed until Rin's death, and because of the similarities to himself in his youth, Obito considers Naruto incredibly naive and childish to still believe in such principles. Nonetheless, the Uchiha displayed confidence that Naruto would one day end up like him, and nearly succeeded in proving this point after having the Ten-Tails kill his comrades right before his eyes. However, after this ploy failed to change Naruto's way of thinking, Obito became rash and careless, accidentally allowing the Ten-Tails to be injured by Killer B after impulsively trying to use its power to kill more of Naruto's allies.

Obito was fairly skilled as a child and was able to become a chūnin at the age of 11. He was able to be recognised as an adult in his clan, having mastered the Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique, though he had yet to awaken his Sharingan. He was a fast learner, capable of effectively utilising advanced techniques shortly after gaining them such as the Wood Release, with Spiral Zetsu noting his potential and why Madara Uchiha had chose him. As an adult, having been trained personally by Madara, who passed on most of his skills and knowledge to the young Uchiha, Obito's abilities have developed immensely, easily allowing him to hold his own against both Kage-level and S-rank shinobi, as well as perfect jinchūriki and other highly reputed shinobi.

After his right half was reconstructed from the DNA material of Hashirama Senju, Obito was granted an immense increase in vitality and chakra reserves as a result, allowing him to achieve such feats like summoning large creatures such as the Nine-Tails, items such as the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path as well as provide him with the basis required to control six jinchūriki at once. This constant use of summons and third parties became one of two key elements in Obito's fighting style later in life. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, he noted that his new mask had been specifically designed for combat, making it very durable. [Source: wikia]

You can download this cube paper craft toy here: Naruto Shippuden - Obito Uchiha Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download