Naruto - Katsuyu Slug Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Naruto - Katsuyu Slug Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Naruto - Slug Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis Naruto papercraft is the Katsuyu Slug, the cube craft paper toy is designed by blackignus. Katsuyu is the personal summon of Tsunade. Slugs are the trademark summon of Tsunade, one of Konoha's legendary Sannin.

Katsuyu is very large in stature and is easily as tall as the largest building in Konoha. It is predominantly white in colour with three blue streaks that run vertically down the middle and side of its body from its head and tapering off at its tail. Its optical tentacles have a slight tint of grey to them and it also has two sensory tentacles on either side of its mouth.

Compared to Gamabunta and Manda, the summons of Jiraiya and Orochimaru respectively, Katsuyu is quiet and more subservient to its master. It addresses Tsunade with the highly respectful honorific "-sama", and, in the English versions, calls her Mistress or Milady. Katsuyu tends to also use honourifics like "-kun" and "-san" on other villagers. Sakura and Shizune show it considerable respect, addressing it as "Katsuyu-sama". In the English dub, it is referred to as "Lady Katsuyu". Katsuyu is also shown to have a playful side and a jovial friendship with Tsunade as seen in the omake at the end of Naruto: Shippūden episode 118. It tells Tsunade of the way Sakura overreacted when it fabricated a story of its difficult journey in reaching Team Three during the Three Tails Arc. Tsunade comments on Sakura's naivete and they both share a chuckle at Sakura's expense.

Offensively, Katsuyu can spit acid using its Tongue Tooth Sticky Acid technique, which is strong enough to melt through rock with ease. With its Slug Great Division, Katsuyu can divide itself into smaller slugs to evade attacks or to serve small scale functions, and is capable of quickly reforming itself if need be. The smaller slugs can attach themselves to injured people, allowing Tsunade to channel her chakra through Katsuyu in order to heal the injured person. Unlike other types of clones, Katsuyu's divisions can telepathically share information with others without having to be dispelled.

Furthermore, Katsuyu's clones have been shown to be extremely resistant to high amounts of damage, as seen during Invasion of Pain Arc. The clones were capable of absorbing people into their bodies, thus protecting them from physical impacts like the large-scale Shinra Tensei. A palm-sized version of Katsuyu even survived the corrosive chakra of Naruto's eight-tailed form and Nagato's Chibaku Tensei. Oddly enough, though slugs are typically slow, Katsuyu's divisions were fast enough to throw themselves in front of Shizune, Ino and Inoichi before the Animal Path's rhino summon even managed to hit them.

Slugs' offensive abilities involves shooting acid from their mouths, similar to the way toads use oil. For defending others the slugs have the ability to encapsulate themselves around an individual's entire body. This essentially makes them a big cushion for the person inside, protecting the person from physical collisions. Slugs have also been shown to be able to divide themselves into many smaller replicas, though this ability may be unique to Katsuyu due to her size. Katsuyu can also absorb chakra from its summoner and even control it to some extent, as shown when Tsunade transferred her own chakra to Katsuyu in order to heal the citizens of Konoha when Pain attacked.

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