Naruto - Human Path Free Papercraft Download

Naruto - Human Path Free Papercraft Download


Naruto - Human Path Free Papercraft DownloadThis  is Pain Preta Path, the paper craft model is created by rexxkentrix. The size of finished model is about 396 (H) x 167 (W) x 137 (D) mm.

This shinobi was a Takigakure shinobi that Jiraiya encountered during his journey to find his disciple. He was later killed and his corpse used by Nagato to channel the power of the Human Path in his Six Paths of Pain.

He was a tall, slender man with long, pale-blue hair that parted at his shoulders, green eyes and a pale complexion. He wore a blue suit underneath a dark-blue Takigakure flak jacket and his village's forehead protector.

When his corpse was used as the Human Path, like all of the Six Paths, his long hair was dyed orange and had multiple piercings, including a diagonal bar through its nose, two circular studs in a vertical row on each of its cheeks, two studs placed horizontally on its chin, and a stud on each of its shoulders near its neck. The diagonal nose piercing makes it the only Pain with asymmetrical facial piercings. As a mark of Nagato's control, the Rinnegan appeared in its eyes.

In the anime, while alive, he was shown to have been a level-headed ninja who believed that all he could do to try and achieve peace was to teach the next generation to survive the battles with other ninja until it came. [Source: wikia]

You can download this Naruto paper model here: Naruto - Human Path Free Papercraft Download