Naruto - Gamatatsu Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Naruto - Gamatatsu Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Naruto - Gamatatsu Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis Naruto papercraft is the Gamatatsu, the cube craft paper toy is designed by blackignus. Gamatatsu is one of the toads that inhabit Mount Myōboku.

Gamatatsu is predominantly yellow in colour with orange marking around his eyes and mouth. He also has two markings curving inwards on his stomach. In Part I, he was small enough to fit on Naruto's head, but in Part II has grown big enough to have Naruto stand on his head as well as swallow a full grown person. Like his brother, he sports a blue vest.

From his first appearance, Gamatatsu has shown that he would choose snacks over someone's life; after Naruto was injured whilst fighting Kabuto Yakushi, he asked, "Hey, Gamakichi, do we have to wait for the kid to croak till we get snacks, 'cause I'm getting hungry." However, in the filler arcs, Gamatatsu showed that he does care about Naruto's life, as he was ready to rescue him before his older brother Gamakichi talked him out of it. Though he has a somewhat naive and childish personality, Gamatatsu does sometimes make use of his natural curiosity to help Naruto solve puzzles.

Gamatatsu's obsession with snacks is so great that he waited a year since his first summon for the snack he had been promised, even though he still didn't get it. He is always hungry and asking his summoner for snacks, and often gets confused by unusual predicaments, in which he counts on his "big brother Gamakichi" to help him with. In the English anime, his voice is jocularly high. He also openly refers to his father Gamabunta as "daddy", which the older toad either chooses to ignore or simply doesn't mind.

Gamatatsu seems to lack a sense of danger. When Orochimaru summoned Manda, Gamatatsu was too busy saying hello to his father to notice that the giant snake was staring at him. The young toad did not seem frightened in the least until Gamakichi told him to run. However, this fearlessness may also have been due to his titanic and overprotective father's presence, or his lack of a sense of endangerment.

In the anime, Gamakichi has shown the ability to shrink in size to perform infiltrations or reconnaissance purposes or to just be carried. He has also shown the ability to spew oil from his mouth like most toads which he can use in collaboration with Naruto and his wind-natured chakra to create the Wind Release: Toad Oil Bullet. He can also use this technique with his brother who will ignite the substance to create a more devastating effect.

You can download this cube naruto paper craft toy from here: Naruto - Gamatatsu Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download