Nancy - Sluggo Smith Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is Sluggo Smith, based on the Nancy comic strip, the papercraft is designed by Toy a Day. Sluggo Smith, Nancy's best friend, introduced in 1938. Sluggo is Nancy's age and is a poor ragamuffin-type from the wrong side of the tracks. There are strips that appear to place Sluggo as Nancy's boyfriend. He is portrayed as lazy, and his favorite pastime seems to be napping.

Nancy is an American daily and Sunday comic strip, originally written and drawn by Ernie Bushmiller and distributed by United Feature Syndicate. The character of Nancy, a slightly chubby and precocious eight-year-old, first appeared in the strip Fritzi Ritz about the airheaded flapper title character. Larry Whittington began Fritzi Ritz in 1922, and it was taken over by Bushmiller three years later.

Nancy appeared in comic books - initially in a 1940s comic strip reprint title from St. John Publications and later in a Dell comic written by John Stanley. Titled Nancy and Sluggo, St. John published #121-145. Titled Nancy, until retitled Nancy and Sluggo with issue #174, Dell published #146-187. Gold Key published #188-192. Dell also published Dell Giants devoted to Nancy , and a Four Color #1034.

Nancy was reprinted in the UK comic book, The Topper, from the 1950s through the 1970s. Nancy also had its own monthly comic book magazine of newspaper reprints in Norway during 1956-59.

Nancy was featured in three animated shorts by the Terrytoons studio in 1942 - 43: School Daze, Nancy's Little Theater and Doing Their Bit. In 1971, several newly created Nancy and Sluggo cartoons appeared on the Saturday morning cartoon series, Archie's TV Funnies, which starred the Archie Comic Series characters running a television station. Nancy appeared along with seven other comic strip characters: Emmy Lou, Broom Hilda, Dick Tracy, The Dropouts, Moon Mullins, the Captain and the Kids and Smokey Stover. The series lasted one season. In 1978, she was also featured in several segments of Filmation's animated show The Fabulous Funnies.

You can download this comic character paper craft here: Nancy - Sluggo Smith Free Paper Toy Download

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