My Little Pony - Philomena free papercraft download


My Little Pony - Philomena free papercraft downloadThis MLP papercraft is designed by RocketmanTan. Philomeena is Princess Celestia's pet phoenix. She is a central character in A Bird in the Hoof. Philomeena appears in A Bird in the Hoof, introduced at the party held at Sugarcube Corner in honor of Celestia's visit. Fluttershy, worried at the sickly state of the bird, takes Philomeena from Princess Celestia without permission to heal it. Throughout the episode, Fluttershy tries desperately to heal Philomeena, but she has never seen a bird quite like it and all her attempted treatments seem to make its condition worse. The bird eventually escapes, making Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle chase her all around Ponyville. Eventually she bursts into flames, burns to ashes, and rises again, renewed. Princess Celestia explains to Fluttershy that Philomeena, like all phoenixes, plucks all her feathers and burns into ashes at the end of her life cycle, only to rise from the ashes and renew herself. Later Rainbow Dash gets Philomeena to tickle the Royal guards on the nose as a prank, when it is successful she gives Rainbow Dash a high five. You can download this papercraft from here: My Little Pony - Philomena free papercraft download