MSM-07E Z'Gok-E Gundam Papercraft Free Template Download


MSM-07E Z'Gok-E Gundam Papercraft Free Template DownloadThis gundam paper model is a MSM-07E Z'Gok-E (aka MSM-07E Z'Gok Experiment), a mass-produced amphibious mobile suit created by the Principality of Zeon during the One Year War, the papercraft is created by Luisifer Chavez-Calderon. Z'Gok-E is first featured in the Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket anime OVA series.

The Z'Gok E was intended to be a test unit improved on the standard MSM-07 Z'Gok. Its data was later used to develop the MSM-07S Z'Gok Commander Type. The Z'Gok-E's propellant storage were moved into tanks mounted inside the arms, allowing it to store up power from the generator and perform a rapid-fire from its hand beam cannon. It also replaced the head-mounted missile launcher with torpedo tubes for additional firepower when operating underwater.

To allow for better mobility underwater, structurally redesigned joints and other parts were introduced. The arm units can be withdrawn to assume a streamlined form for improved underwater cruising. The mobile suit would also include a standardized cockpit with the introduction of the United Maintenance Plan. It was powered by an improved generator which gave the Z'Gok-E ample performance. [Source: wikia]

You can download this papercraft template here: MSM-07E Z'Gok-E Gundam Papercraft Free Template Download