Mr. Men - Little Miss Sunshine Free Paper Toy Download

Mr. Men - Little Miss Sunshine Free Paper Toy Download


Mr. Men - Little Miss Sunshine Free Paper Toy DownloadThis paper toy is the Little Miss Sunshine, based on the children's books series Mr. Men. The papercraft is designed by Toy a Day. Little Miss Sunshine is the fourth book in the Little Miss series by Roger Hargreaves.

There was a king who lived in a castle in Miseryland. Little Miss Sunshine is on holiday. She saw a sign saying "This way to Miseryland." So she was on her way to Miseryland. She saw a guard at the bridge door. Little Miss Sunshine gave the guard a big smile. Then the guard took her to see the king of Miseryland and she had an idea. So Little Miss Sunshine and the king went back to her car. Finally she made a new picket sign saying "Laughter Land" and she boomed an enormous laugh then the king laughed too. Little Miss Sunshine is one of the happiest people in the world, besides Mr. Happy and Mr. Cheerful.

Mr. Men is a series of 49 children's books by Roger Hargreaves commencing in 1971. Two of these books were not published in English. The series features characters with names such as Mr. Tickle and Mr. Happy who have personalities and physical attributes based on their names. From 1981, an accompanying series of 42 Little Miss books by the same author, but with female characters, were published, although nine of them were not published in English. After Hargreaves's death in 1988, his son Adam Hargreaves began writing and illustrating new stories, including four characters that his father had developed before his death. On December 7, 2011, the Japanese company Sanrio announced that they have agreed to acquire the rights to the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters.

You can download this paper craft toy here: Mr. Men - Little Miss Sunshine Free Paper Toy Download