MP-02A Oggo Free Gundam Papercraft Download

MP-02A Oggo Free Gundam Papercraft Download


MP-02A Oggo Free Gundam Papercraft DownloadThis gundam paper model is MP-02A Oggo, a mobile pod from the side story Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO: Apocalypse 0079, the papercraft is created by JustPaper.

Towards the end of One Year War, Zeon lost most of their resource bases on Earth and lacked the materials to continue mass-producing mobile suits in the same numbers as earlier in the war. In order to field more troops against the Earth Federation Forces, the MP-02A Oggo was designed by the Zeon Engineering Division as a "decisive battle weapon." By taking advantage of the integrated project implemented in the production lines of several manufacturing companies, building the Oggo does not interrupt regular procedure and it was formally accepted into mass-production without any debate. The Oggo used parts intended for the Zaku such as the generator of the J-Type Zaku II, which was no longer considered necessary due to Zeon's retreating front. Its development was also inspired by the success of the RB-79 Ball.

The MP-02A Oggo is a mobile pod unit that can equip early mobile suit weapons. The cost of each Oggo is about half of a MS-06 Zaku II. The primary shape of its design is a cylinder bisected by a standard 3-panel cockpit in the middle of the cylinder, and possessing a monoeye sensor above its cockpit. On both cap-ends of its cylindrical body are multipurpose turrets that can rotate 360 degrees, and allows the Oggo to mount and use Zaku-type hand-held weapons with the exception of the heat hawk. Typically, on its left is a 6-tube missile pod, commonly armed with anti-ship missiles, while on its right it is equipped with the machine gun or 280mm Bazooka. These turret mounts, however, are prone to jamming due to the low-quality construction of the Oggo. For melee purpose, it was given a pair of extendable claws; the pivot points are mounted beneath the main body at both ends, which can be folded parallel along the length of Oggo during launch. During mass launch, it can be mounted onto an elongated structure that can spin around, allowing the Oggo to be deployed rapidly. While it had been said that it has higher mobility than RB-79 Ball, this has not been truly proven. [Source: wikia]

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