Moshi Monsters - Katsuma Free Paper Toy Download

Moshi Monsters - Katsuma Free Paper Toy Download


Moshi Monsters - Katsuma Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube style paper toy is a Katsuma, based on the game "Moshi Monsters". The papercraft is designed by Toy a Day. Katsumas are Monsters with natural health, so it's okay if you leave one alone for 3-4 days, although you should have food and plenty of games on hand, to raise their health and happiness. They like to change their room often and when you leave one alone for too long they get annoyed.

Katsumas are adopted by both male and female players. Katsumas are very friendly creatures. They enjoy having their room decorated and enjoy being tickled. Overall, Katsumas are very soft, gentle and fast monsters. However, they are quite rough if they are annoyed or abandoned. When warning users that they're getting angry, they "scratch at the screen". If you annoy one a little bit too much, they wrap their ears around their eyes and jump all around in a temper tantrum mode. Katsumas are very wise and thoughtful monsters. They always think before rushing off to places and they are fairly extroverted. They have an uncontrollable Asian martial arts interest, and when they level up, Eurodance music plays. When they sleep, they lie on the floor like a cat and cling onto one ear. Sometimes, when your Katsuma is bored, you'll see it take out it's paw and you'll see that it has claws, but you can only see those claws for a few seconds. They have the biggest ears of any Moshi Monster and like to look good.

Moshi Monsters is an online world of adoptable pet monsters for boys and girls aged 6 - 12, with 65 million registered users in 150 territories worldwide. Children choose from one of six virtual pet monsters that they can create, name, and nurture. Once their pet has been customised, players can navigate their way around Monstro City, taking the daily puzzle challenge to earn ‘Rox’, playing games, solving Super Moshi Missions, personalising their room, showing off their artwork, reading stories and communicating with friends in a safe environment.

Following its online success, Moshi Monsters has expanded into the real world with physical products, including toys, the number-one selling kids' magazine in the UK, a best-selling DS video game, a music album, books, membership cards, and trading cards.

You can download the paper craft here: Moshi Monsters - Katsuma Free Paper Toy Download