Monsters vs. Aliens Papercraft - Photos


Here's some quick photos I took of the Monsters vs. Aliens papercraft from HP, was playing around on my desk.

Insectosaurus clowning around with Nendoroid Yoko
Insectosaurus with Yoko

Alien Miner Robot gets in the scene with Insectosaurus and Yoko
Alien Miner Robot, Insectosaurus, and Yoko

Fun time is over, put your hands up
Hands Up

Let's Volt in!
Insectosaurus and Alien Miner Robot Volts in

Alien Miner Robot and Insectosaurus

Insectosaurus on top of Alien Miner Robot

Scared of a little froggie ^^
Scared of a little froggie

The Tank
The Tank

Arguing on who gets to play with The Tank first
Insectosaurus and Alien Miner Robot Arguing

Insectosarurus says "Look into my eyes"

Alien Miner Robot says "Look into my eye"
Alien Miner Robot

Underneath the Tank
Underneath The Tank

These Monsters vs. Aliens papercraft models were made by the talented folks at the Curiosity Group. I forgot to mention last time that they're also ones who made the Sonic and the Black Knight papercraft masks. Hi-res photos on our flickr page.