Monster Papercraft - Kappa

Monster Papercraft - Kappa


Mythology is one of my favorite subjects to read, ever since I was a kid I've been interested in the mythological creatures for the various cultures of the world. So when our reader toppopo sent in this Kappa monster papercraft, I definitely had to post it.

But first, a little info. on it - the Kappa is based on Japanese folklore and is considered to be a type of water deity. Other names that it goes by are Gataro and Kawako. They are mainly depicted as a very small turtle like creature with a beak mouth. Kappa's are also known to be tricksters and likes to eat cucumbers (besides humans). Eventhough they have a macabre thing going on, talented artist Christopher Bonnette over at has made a more cute and friendly looking version. Head over to the link below for the pattern, you can also check some of the other stuff on Chris' site including the Squealer Paper Toy series, a Tiki Box, and a Chibi Yeti. When you get to the site, head on the the download section and from there you'll find the papercafts.

Monster Papercraft - Kappa [ Bonnette]