Monster Hunter Tri - Giggi Free Papercraft Download


Monster Hunter Tri - Giggi Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is the Giggi, based on the game Monster Hunter Tri of the Monster Hunter series, the paper model was created by Paperlegend. Giggi are the small leech-like larvae of the Gigginox. Spawning from large, organic globules in dark caves, they exhibit unique behavior.

When the torch is drawn, they retreat in fear; however, when the torch is extinguished, they slowly follow hunters and latch onto them, constantly draining "blood", doing damage similar to the poison effect, and must be "shaken" off. If a Giggi sucks a significant amount of health off the victim, it will be able to do a poison spit. Many hunters find that Giggis are a pain when gathering resources or fighting other monsters.

Monster Hunter Tri  is the third console installment in the Monster Hunter franchise, developed by Capcom.

The game was originally planned to be a PlayStation 3 title, but due to high development costs for that console Capcom instead decided to develop it for the Wii. Prior to its debut, a demo of Monster Hunter Tri was included with Japanese copies of Monster Hunter G.

You can download this paper craft template here: Monster Hunter Tri - Giggi Free Papercraft Download