Mongrels Free Paper Toy Download

Mongrels Free Paper Toy Download


Mongrels Free Paper Toy DownloadMongrels paper toys are based on the situation comedy TV series "Mongrels", also known as We Are Mongrels and The Un-Natural World, the papercrafts are created by sally. Mongrels is a British puppet-based situation comedy series first broadcast on BBC Three between 22 June and 10 August 2010, with a making-of documentary entitled "Mongrels Uncovered" broadcast on 11 August 2010. A second series of Mongrels began airing on 7 November 2011.

The series revolves around the lives of five anthropomorphic animals who hang around the back of a pub in Millwall, the Isle of Dogs, London. The characters are Nelson, a metrosexual fox; Destiny, an Afghan hound; Marion, a "borderline-retarded" cat; Kali, a grudge-bearing pigeon; and Vince, Nelson's brother, a sociopathic foul-mouthed fox.

The show is aimed at an adult audience, features "neutering, incontinence, cannibalism and catnip overdoses" and humour styles such as slapstick and farce. For example, the first episode begins with a scene in which Marion, portrayed as desperately trying to revive his deceased owner, learns she has actually been dead for four months, whereupon he casually gives his cat friends permission to eat her. Mongrels has attracted accusations of plagiarism, with claims that Mongrels stole ideas from a similar Channel 4 show called Pets. On 18 January 2012 it was announced via Twitter that Mongrels had not been renewed for a third series by the BBC due to Zai Bennett.

Mongrels looks at the lives of five animals that hang around the back of a pub called The Lord Nelson in Millwall, on the Isle of Dogs in the East End of London. The hero of the series is Nelson, a fox who lives a metrosexual lifestyle. Described as: "The only wild fox in East London with subscriptions to all the major broadsheets, Nelson is, as he never tires of introducing himself at dinner parties... 'An urbane fox!'"

Nelson's love interest is Destiny, an Afghan hound. However, Destiny has no interest in Nelson. She is the pet dog of Gary, the landlord of The Lord Nelson. However, like the other humans that appear in the series, he cannot understand what Destiny or what the other animals are saying. Elsewhere there is Marion, an idiotic cat to whom Nelson acts as a father-figure. Marion has been abandoned by several owners and is very corruptible. Then there is Kali, a pigeon who likes to revel in the misfortune of others. She has several grudges, including a hatred of all humans and foxes for the way they treat birds. Lastly, there is Vince, Nelson's older brother, a violent, foul-mouthed fox who considers himself a proper animal. Almost all his lines contain at least one swear word that is always bleeped over.

There is no over-riding story arc between episodes, but each episode does contain recurring elements. During each episode there are cutaways from the main plot to create extra gags. Most episodes also feature at least one celebrity appearance and every episode features a comic song.

You can download these paper crafts here: Mongrels Free Paper Toy Download