Military Papercraft - MQ1 Predator UAV

Military Papercraft - MQ1 Predator UAV


Military Papercraft - MQ1 Predator UAVThe MQ-1 Predator is a US Air Force unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). This high-tech aircraft is controlled by a crew miles away from the combat zone and is capable of reconnaissance, combat, and support roles in the battlefield. MQ-1 Predators can be armed with Hellfire missiles that can do precision strikes and can fly non-stop for over 40 hours.

Military - MQ1 Predator UAV Papercraft

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  1. Dear Sir ,
    I would like to receive free papercraft models such as MQ.1 Predator and Lockheed Martin RQ.170 Sentinel ( Beast of Kandahar UAV )

    Thanks ,

    • Hi Dao,
      The RQ-170 UAV paper model here: