Military Paper Aircraft

Military Paper Aircraft


We're flying high today with designer Ojimak's paper aircraft. These paper models are based on current military aircrafts used by the United States, Japan, European Union, Russia, and some other countries that are able to afford it. The list of airplanes include the ever popular United States Navy Blue Angels (Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron) and F-22 Raptor, the British Harrier Jump Jet, and the most recent addition to the collection, a Russian Sukhoi SU-47. This one is an experimental supersonic jet fighter with a very unconventional appearance due to its distinct forward-swept wing, and yes, that's the one that looks like the wings were attached backwards. Fifty two paper aircrafts are featured on the site but only forty one are currently available for free download, they're the ones with the yellow marks. Swoop down and grab them below.

Military Paper Aircrafts

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