Mewtwo Papercraft

Mewtwo Papercraft


Part three of three. We've been having an abundant Pokemon posts in the past couple of weeks and I think one more wouldn't hurt. This is the last paper model for the Jupiter Corp. Pokemon set of three. In case any of you missed it, there was this Slowpoke, then Jynx, and now we've got the Mewtwo (ミュウツー, Myūtsū) paper craft model. It's #150 on the Pokedex and considered to be a psychic type Pokemon that uses the ability "Pressure".

Mewtwo is an enhanced clone version of another Pokemon, Mew (#151), to whom it derives its name. Whenever I see this Pokemon it reminds me of DBZ's Freeza. They look like distant relatives. Maybe it's the color?

On a side note, seeing that majority of you don't like the "counter" or the "wait" from rapidshare and megaupload, I've decided to switch to MediaFire file hosting. It was recently suggested by a commenter on one of my posts, so I immediately tried it out and I can say that it's a lot better. There's no counter, you don't have to wait anymore to get to the download part and it has a very user friendly interface. What do you guys think?

Mewtwo - [Download] [Photo Page]