Metal Armor Dragonar - XD-01SR Dragonar-1 Custom Free Paper Model Download


Metal Armor Dragonar - XD-01SR Dragonar-1 Custom Free Paper Model DownloadThis mecha paper model is a XD-01SR Dragonar-1 Custom, an upgraded form of the titular Metal Armor, piloted by Kaine Wakaba, based on the mecha anime series Metal Armor Dragonar, the papercraft was designed by Ette, and shared by Kevin Chapman.

  • Unit type: prototype close combat metal armor
  • Head height: 17.6 meters
  • Weight: empty 78.7 metric tons; max gross 121.6 metric tons; flight unit +19.7 tons
  • Output: 240,000 pounds (dry); 395,000 pounds (CMP); afterburner +95,000 pounds; 6 x main nozzle, 12 x attitude control nozzle
  • Mass ratio: 0.987 (dry); 2.015 (CMP)
  • Powerplant: 2 x FPW-4M miniaturized fusion reactor
  • Combat maximum power operation time: 37 seconds (max)
  • CMP cool-down period: 1.8 seconds (CMP for 5 seconds or less); 328 seconds (CMP for 37 seconds)
  • Maximum velocity: Mach 0.98 (sea level); Mach 1.64 (32,000 feet)
  • Cruising range: 2460 nautical miles (4556 km)
  • Hardpoints: 2 (maximum load 18 metric tons)
  • Armor: triple hardness type ceralite coating; maximum thickness 155mm
  • Equipment and design features: Cray Type 9000 computer with AI navigator "Clara"; Type TAS1 image sensors, range unknown; Type WG3S gravitational sensors, range unknown
  • Fixed armaments: multi-dispenser (can fire standard bullets, HE ammo, plasma ammo; maximum 5 rounds); 2 x close combat laser sword, mounted on hips, hand-carried in use; 2 x dual 25mm machine gun, fire-linked, mounted in forearms (1500 rounds per second, 800 rounds); throwing bomb; 2 x 6-tube dual missile pod, mounted on flight unit
  • Optional hand armaments: type LPS32 55.7mm hand railcannon (2200 rounds per second, 1620 rounds, uses standard and HE ammunition); 2 x close combat assault knife; super hybrid shield; 2 x anti-metal armor grenade; photon bazooka
  • Mechanical designer: Kunio Okawara

This mecha papercraft requires the following colors of card paper:

  • 25 White
  • 19 Black
  • 1 Gunmetal
  • 2 Blue
  • 4 Red
  • 1 Gold
  • 1 Purple
  • 1 Green

You can download this papercraft model here: Metal Armor Dragonar - XD-01SR Dragonar-1 Custom Free Paper Model Download