Mega Man Powered Up - Roll Free Papercraft Download

Mega Man Powered Up - Roll Free Papercraft Download


Mega Man Powered Up - Roll Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is designed by Dil, and from IRP. Mega Man Powered Up, known as Rockman Rockman in Japan, is a remake of the first Mega Mangame. It was released world-wide for the PlayStation Portable in March 2006.

The plot begins the everlasting struggle between the heroic, humanoid robot Mega Man and the evil scientist Dr. Wily. The game establishes many of the gameplay conventions that would define the original Mega Man series as well as its multiple subseries. A standard action-platform game, Mega Man features a somewhat non-linear setup whereby the player can choose the order to complete its six initial stages. With each "Robot Master" boss defeated at the end of a level, a unique weapon is added to the player's arsenal to be used against enemies. Mega Man was developed by a small team of people, which included significant involvement from artist Keiji Inafune. The game was produced specifically for the home console market, a first for Capcom, who had previously focused on arcade titles.

Mega Man was critically well-received for its overall design and has been noted for its high difficulty. Although it was not a commercial success, the game was followed by an abundance of sequels and spin-offs that are still being released to this day, many of which utilize the same graphical, storyline, and gameplay setups instituted by the 1987 game. Mega Man has since been included in game compilations and has been re-released on mobile phones and console emulation services. An enhanced remake for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) was released in 2006 with the title Mega Man Powered Up, or Rockman Rockman in Japan.

You can download this papercraft from here: Mega Man Powered Up - Roll Free Papercraft Download