Medabots - Arcbeetle Free Robot Paper Model Download

Medabots - Arcbeetle Free Robot Paper Model Download


Medabots - Arcbeetle Free Robot Paper Model DownloadThis robot papercraft is the Arcbeetle, based on the role-playing video game / anime / manga Medabots, the paper model is designed by StormL. Arcbeetle is a KBT-type Medarot that first appears in Medarot R as an upgrade to Kantaros. It is based on a hercules beetle. Arcbeetle appears in the Medarot anime, where it is the Medarot used by Space Medarotter X, as well as in the Medarot R manga where it is owned by Rintarou.

Arcbeetle's name comes from the electric arc that forms between its two horns when it fires its trademark Beam attack.

As a KBT-type Medarot it is specialized in shooting skills. Its head Part, however, is not compatible with the same Medal its other parts are. But, it is powerful enough to deal an impressive ammount of damage. It has one use in Medarot R, Medarot 4, Medarot Navi and Medarot DS, two in Medabots AX and Medarot G and four in Medarot Brave.

His Beam type is a Penetration High Power Beam. Arcbeetle's counterpart was supposed to be Tyrrellbeetle. However, he was later paired with Arcbeetle's successor, Arcbeetle-Dash, leaving Arcbeetle as the only unpaired KBT-type.

Arcbeetle used to hold the record for being the most powerful Beam attack. This record is now taken by Leo, where his head part Pride is slightly stronger, due to being a Sniping type part, while Prominence is just plain Shooting type.

You can download the paper craft model here: Medabots - Arcbeetle Free Robot Paper Model Download