Medabots - Arcbeetle Free Robot Paper Model Download

Medabots - Arcbeetle Free Robot Paper Model Download


Medabots - Arcbeetle Free Robot Paper Model DownloadThis robot paper model is Arcbeetle, a KBT-type Medarot (Medabots) that first appears in Medarot R as an upgrade to Kantaros, the papercraft created by Whiteelerizo. Arcbeetle is based on a hercules beetle. Arcbeetle appears in the Medarot anime, where it is the Medarot used by Space Medarotter X, as well as in the Medarot R manga where it is owned by Rintarou. Arcbeetle's name comes from the electric arc that forms between its two horns when it fires its trademark Beam attack.

As a KBT-type Medarot it is specialized in shooting skills. Its head part, however, is not compatible with the same medal its other parts are. But, it is powerful enough to deal an impressive ammount of damage. It has one use in Medarot R, Medarot 4, Medarot Navi and Medarot DS, two in Medabots AX and Medarot G and four in Medarot Brave.

His Beam type is a Penetration High Power Beam. Arcbeetle's counterpart was supposed to be Tyrrellbeetle. However, he was later paired with Arcbeetle's successor, Arcbeetle-Dash, leaving Arcbeetle as the only unpaired KBT-type.

Arcbeetle used to hold the record for being the most powerful Beam attack. This record is now taken by Leo, where his head part Pride is slightly stronger, due to being a Sniping type medapart, while Prominence is just plain Shooting type.

Medabots (known in Japan as Medarot), is a role-playing video game franchise developed by Natsume and published by Imagineer in Japan in 1997.

The series centers around Medabots, The series begins with a ten year old boy named Ikki Tenryō, who wants to become a champion of the World Robattle Tournament. However, Ikki is unable to afford a Medabot, an artificially intelligent robot, whose purpose is to serve humans, and his parents refuse to buy him one. However, he manages to get enough money to buy an outdated model, and, with a bit of luck, he finds a medal in a river. Ikki quickly inserts it into the Medabot he purchased named Metabee. The only problem is that the medal he found gives Metabee a severe attitude problem, which leads Ikki to think he is defective. However, this theory is proven wrong later in the series, as it is revealed that Metabee actually has a "rare" medal.

The rare medals, were kept secret by the Medabot Corporation, as very little was known about them. However, a Medabot with a rare medal would be able to call upon an attack called the "Medaforce". In the manga, the Medaforce is a form of medal mind control, as explained by Dr. Aki in the third graphic novel of Medabots. In the cartoon however, it is shown as a way of increasing the power of the Medabot's special skill. As well as kill other bots.

Another important aspect is the story of Henry, the store clerk who sold Ikki Metabee. We find out that he is, quite obviously, Phantom Ren egade. A running gag of series was Henry almost telling everyone he is The Phantom, with no one ever discovering this fact. We are then introduced to Space Medafighter X, who is another one of Henry's secret identities, the number one medafighter in Japan. Later, during the World Finals, he rarely shows up to the fights, instead sending substitutes and working behind the scenes. This being because he supposedly started The Ten Days of Darkness, which occurred eight years before the events in the series during the World Robattle Cup when Henry fought as Hikaru Agata with the original Metabee. The Medabots went on a rampage during the Ten Days of Darkness, which stopped when Hikaru Agata was forced to kill his Medabot by destroying his medal.

At the end of the second season, it is revealed that Victor (a medafighter for Team Kenya and Warbandit's owner) was helping Dr. Meta-evil to get medals during the tournament. During the finals, Metabee and Warbandit continue to fight, even with their partners lost and their bodies damaged. It is during this event that Dr. Meta-evil starts his plan using Metabee and Warbandit's medals; trapping them both in a dream. However, Ikki manages to get Metabee to wake up from the dream, while the other medabots, free now, help Metabee to fight against Dr. Meta-evil. Ikki must also stop the plans of the nefarious "RubberRobo Gang".

Later in the series, Medabots are found to be actually thousands of years old; remnants of an ancient civilization who called themselves Medalorians. The Medalorians were obsessed with war, and to become more effective warriors they fastened metal armor to themselves. However, their wars decimated the civilization, and the survivors coded their memories onto hexagonal pieces of metal. These, "Medals", cloned and mass produced by the Medabot Corporation, are the Medabot equivalent of a brain and soul. The original medals, referred to as "rare" medals, are kept in storage because of the extreme power they have.

You can download this papercraft here: Medabots - Arcbeetle Free Robot Paper Model Download