MechWarrior 4 - Archer Free Mech Paper Model Download

MechWarrior 4 - Archer Free Mech Paper Model Download


Battletech - Archer Free Mech Paper Model DownloadThis mech paper model is the Archer, based on the MechWarrior 4 and science fiction franchise, the papercraft is created by Whammy, Shiftdel and Vlmarshall, skins by Sturm. The size of finished model is about 190 (H) x 154 (W) x 111 (D) mm.

A contemporary of 'Mechs such as the Thunderbolt and the Banshee, the Archer's primary role was fire support, though early in its combat career it was considered an assault 'Mech capable of long-range brawling, and it was used in a variety of other roles. More than 100,000Archers were produced between its introduction and the start of the First Succession War, with tens of thousands of its variant models produced over the centuries. Though many were destroyed or dismantled for spare parts, they remained a common sight in the Great House armies, with six different factories producing new Archers throughout the Succession Wars.

The recovery of the Helm Memory Core had a profound effect on the development of the Archer. New variants were produced which utilized rediscovered lostech, giving the venerable 'Mech a few new tricks to surprise its opponents. By the time of theClan Invasion, most of the major manufacturers had switched over to building these new variants for the Free Worlds League,Federated Commonwealth, Free Rasalhague Republic, and Wolf's Dragoons; only Vandenberg Mechanized Industries continued to build original ARC-2R Archers for the Taurian Concordat. Newer, more advanced variants of the Archer continued to be developed as technology progressed in the years since. [Source: sarna]

You can download the paper model template here: MechWarrior 4 - Archer Free Mech Paper Model Download [Skins]