Mechwarrior 4: Mektek Mechs Free Paper Crafts Download

Mechwarrior 4: Mektek Mechs Free Paper Crafts Download


Mechwarrior 4: Mektek Mechs Free Paper Crafts DownloadHere are some Mechs papercrafts from the game Mechwarrior 4, created by BLaaR. There are four paper models for this paper craft series. They are Mektek BlackHeart, Mektek Deimos (and with Skinpack), Mektek Kanazuchi (and with Skinpack) and Mektek Ursus (with Skinpack).

Mektek BlackHeart: This BattleMech was published in an official BattleTech product, namely the MekPak expansion for the MechWarrior IV: Mercenaries computer game. However, although official, computer games are not considered among the sources for Canon unless the information is expressly confirmed as canonical elsewhere.

By virtue of being an official albeit not positively canonical product, the game expansion and the 'Mechs presented therein including this one must be considered apocryphal.

Some BattleMech designs earn a place in history because they are the chariots of heroes, some, like the Black Heart, because they are the chariots of monsters like the Word of Blake elite Manei Domini.

Mektek Deimos: Initially designed by Clan Snow Raven engineers as a breakthrough in BattleMech design philosophies, the Deimos takes its name from the project of the same name which resulted in the first faster-than-light drive. To provide ample protection, the Deimos is built upon a space-saving standard internal structure with fifteen and a half tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor. At its heart, a massive 350 XL engine allows for a top speed of just over 70 km/h, making the 'Mech both one of fastest and most well-armored for its weight. Additionally, while not present on the chassis, the Deimos allows for the installation of jump jets as well as an Active Probe for long-range configurations.

While heralded at first as a modern marvel, a critical design flaw within the Deimos internal structure cropped up during production; this would severely limit the size of weaponry that could be installed, hurting its potential.

Intended as a flexible direct-fire support 'Mech, the standard Deimos configuration features six Ultra AC/2s as its primary armament, backed by twin LRM-15 launchers, allowing the 'Mech to bring most of its weapons to bear at long range. Two ER Medium Lasers provide close-range support, and additionally ensure the pilot has something to fire in the event of ammunition shortage. A Laser Anti-Missile System rounds the 'Mech out, providing defense against incoming missiles.

Mektek Kanazuchi: The Kanazuchi is a Draconis Combine battle armor design, one of the heaviest to come from that realm. It also saw the most trouble getting approved. The design was originally known as the "Komodo" when research began in 3053, but since the Komodo BattleMech was produced shortly thereafter, the name was changed to "Kanazuchi", which is Japanese for "hammer." The DCMS High Command slashed the development budget severely in 3054, prompting engineers to work without pay for a year in order to prove the design. Their chance came in the following year, 3055, when a laboratory assistant piloted the design on a proving ground before the Coordinator. His pleasure with the design prompted the High Command to reinstate the development budget for the Kanazuchi, which allowed full-scale production to begin as 3058 drew to a close.

The Kanazuchi is armed with a standard Medium Laser and one-shot short-range missiles, giving it a powerful punch for battle armor. It is also protected very well. This was demonstrated during the final test run when a captured Mad Cat fired a Clan-tech ER PPC at the unit and it survived and even returned fire. The Kanazuchi also mounts a pair of Anti-Personnel Weapon Mounts so that different light weapons can be carried for use against unarmored targets. The Kanazuchi also mounts a heavy battle claw, which can be easily swapped out for either an industrial drill or salvage arm, as mission parameters dictate thanks to the modular equipment adapter.

Mektek Ursus: The Ursus is Khan Bjorn Jorgensson's ideal fusion between Clan and Inner Sphere technologies. The first Clan BattleMech designed and manufactured entirely and exclusively in the Inner Sphere, the Ursus uses Inner Sphere technology that has not been surpassed by that of the Clans where possible to maximize the efficiency of the factories Clan Ghost Bear captured during the Clan invasion. The rest of the parts are imported from Clan space. Though it took over seven years, Ghost Bear technicians made the Clan and Inner Sphere parts work together to create this second-line 'Mech. The Ursus finally saw full-scale production in 3059 and was shipped to garrison units throughout the touman. Eight and a half tons of Ferro-Fibrous armor protect this design, but only because it would have been inefficient to use any more. An ECM Suite is also used to disrupt enemy electronics.

The Ursus is a flexible defender that mounts a variety of weapons to engage enemies at all ranges. Its weakness is in its lack of long-range capability, though the Series 7K ER Large Laser and Type X LRM-10 are respectable for a 'Mech its size. For closer work, it uses two Series 2a ER Medium Lasers, two Kolibri Delta Series Medium Pulse Lasers, and a Type VI SRM-6 launcher. This blistering hail of weapons fire is generally effective for an Inner Sphere heavy 'Mech, so the Ursus compares favorably to the designs that it is expected to stand up against.

MechWarrior 4: Vengeance is a computer game developed by FASA Interactive and published by Microsoft. It was released on November 24, 2000. This game is the fourth game in MechWarrior series. It takes place in BattleTech universe where the pinnacle of all war machines are huge, heavily armed robots called BattleMechs. The player pilots one of the these "'Mechs" and uses variety of available weapons to battle enemy 'Mechs, tanks and other vehicles. An expansion pack, MechWarrior 4: Black Knight, was released on October 31, 2001, and a subsequent stand-alone expansion, MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries was released on November 7, 2002.

You can download these papercrafts from here: Mechwarrior 4: Mektek Mechs Free Paper Crafts Download