MechWarrior 4 - Dire Wolf (Daishi) Free Mech Paper Model Download

MechWarrior 4 - Dire Wolf (Daishi) Free Mech Paper Model Download


MechWarrior 4 - Dire Wolf (Daishi) Free Mech Paper Model DownloadThis mech paper model is Dire Wolf (Daishi), one of the OmniMechs that became feared throughout the Inner Sphere during the initial Clan Invasion and rightly so, from the video game MechWarrior 4, the papercraft is created by TechSteele, and skins by Sturm. The size of finished model is about 288 (H) x 222 (W) x 174 (D) mm.

The Dire Wolf weighs in at an impressive one hundred tons and has a relatively slow cruising speed of 54 km/h provided by a 300 XL engine. Its speed and armor protection matches that of an Atlas, but it has superior potential firepower with fifty and a half tons of free pod space for weapons and equipment. It is these traits which saw the 'Mech christened Daishi (Japanese for "Great Death") by the criminal underbelly of the Draconis Combine, a name that would be proven grimly accurate time and time again.

The Dire Wolf was the brain-child of the Clan Wolf scientist caste, but was actually first produced by Clan Smoke Jaguar. Hearing rumors that Clan Wolf was developing the "Ultimate Assault OmniMech", the Jaguars won the plans and production rights in a trial that, rumor has it, was fought dishonorably. Production commenced on Huntress in 3010. In 3019, Clan Wolf began production of the OmniMech on Strana Mechty as well; Star Colonel Ulric won a trial of possession to expand manufacture into Clan Wolf. Beyond the limited manufacture of the Dire Wolf on Outreach, all Dire Wolves outside of Clans Smoke Jaguar and Wolf (or the Wolf's Dragoons) are either gifts, isorla or were acquired through trade. [Source: sarna]

You can download the papercraft model here: MechWarrior 4 - Dire Wolf (Daishi) Free Mech Paper Model Download [Skins]