MechWarrior 3 - Nova (Black Hawk) Free OmniMech Paper Model Download

MechWarrior 3 - Nova (Black Hawk) Free OmniMech Paper Model Download


MechWarrior 3 - Nova (Black Hawk) Free Mech Paper Model DownloadThis mech paper model is a Nova (Black Hawk), a versatile medium OmniMech that is capable of acting as a workhorse design in most forces, based on the video game MechWarrior 3, the papercraft is created by Vlmarshall. The size of finished model is about 205 (H) x 232 (W) x 203 (D) mm. There are 8 different textures available.

In fact, the design is so well balanced that it inspired the creation of the Black Hawk-KU, an Inner Sphere design based on the Nova and named using the Inner Sphere code name for this 'Mech: Black Hawk.

However, the number of Novas has been diminishing. Only spare parts have been in production since 2921. Designed as an early OmniMech by Clan Hell's Horses, the Nova was produced at the famous Tokasha Mechworks beginning in 2870. At the time of its introduction, the Nova was designed for infantry support, and was the first OmniMech designed with hardpoints allowing Elementals to easily mount and dismount the chassis. However, after Tokasha was taken by Clan Ghost Bear during the Battle of Tokasha, production of the Nova ceased. Since 2921, every Clan has acquired Nova OmniMechs as isorla. [Source: sarna]

You can download the papercraft model here: MechWarrior 3 - Nova (Black Hawk) Free OmniMech Paper Model Download