Mecha Papercraft - Space Runaway Ideon

Mecha Papercraft - Space Runaway Ideon


Space Runaway Ideon Mecha Papercraft
Space Runaway Ideon (aka Legendary Giant God Ideon, aka The Ideon) is a 39 episode mecha anime series created by Yoshiyuki Tomino (who also created Mobile Suit Gundam) that aired in Japan between 1980-1981. It's about three large armored trucks known as the Ideon, that can transform into a godlike mecha.

Humanity's pursuit of knowledge leads them to the planet Solo, where they find mysterious remains of a long dead alien civilization, including the 3 part super robot 'Ideon', and a powerful warship. Using these, the Earthlings sent to investigate the ruins defend themselves in their constant conflicts against powerful aliens called the Buff Clan, who are in pursuit of 'Id', the mysterious energy that powers the Ideon. - Anime News Network

This Ideon papercraft comes with a lot of extra parts, so make sure to download all the files.

Space Runaway Ideon Papercraft
Space Runaway Ideon Papercraft [Hiro]

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