McDonald's Papercraft Characters & More

McDonald's Papercraft Characters & More


McDonald's Papercraft Characters & MoreThe AttaBoy paper toy from MonkeyInADryer, an easy and simple papercraft resembling a bobble-head doll, and unlike the others that we've featured before, this one actually bobbles ^^

There are lots of papercrafts in their collection but this post focuses on the characters from McDonaldlandMcDonaldland which is under their "Advertising Characters" section. Clockwise from the top pic, we've got: Ronald McDonald (McDonald's main icon and mascot), Officer Big Mac, Mayor McCheese, and Grimace (purple thingy)

Two other sections are available, the :TV & Movie Characters" and "Famous Personalities". Some notable papercrafts in these sections include Star Wars' Boba Fett and Billy Mays (RIP) - considered by many as one of the greatest salesmen out there.

So check out the link below and see what else you can discover, don't forget the blank AttaBoy template if you want to submit your own designs.

McDonald's Papercraft Characters & More

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