Masters of the Universe - Trap Jaw (Kronis) Mini Paper Toy Free...

Masters of the Universe - Trap Jaw (Kronis) Mini Paper Toy Free Download


Masters of the Universe - Trap Jaw (Kronis) Mini Paper Toy Free DownloadThis papercraft is designed by Gustavo Santome. Trap Jaw (Real name: Kronis): Trap Jaw is a weapons expert and cyborg with a metal jaw, which can bite through anything. In the mini-comic originally packaged with Trap Jaw, "The Menace of Trap Jaw," he is a villain from another dimension that Skeletor invades in an attempt to enter Castle Grayskull. While Skeletor attempts to weaken the Castle's defenses, Trap Jaw, who is being pursued by authorities, slams into Skeletor and knocks him back through the dimensional portal to Eternia. Back on Eternia, Trap Jaw emerges from the Castle connected to its power by a magical cord. Both He-Man and Skeletor attempt to defeat Trap Jaw, but eventually realize that they must join their halves of the power sword to be strong enough to sever the magical cord connecting Trap Jaw to the Castle. The comic ends with Skeletor carrying the unconscious Trap Jaw back to Snake Mountain where he will become one of his minions.

Trap Jaw's origin is very different in the 2002 comic series. Originally a minion of Keldor named Kronis, he was badly injured in an attempt to overthrow Skeletor. He was then rebuilt into a cyborg by replacing his damaged humanoid arm and jaw with mechanical parts, renaming himself Trap Jaw. Later, the cartoon demonstrates that the more metal he eats the stronger he becomes, and one episode focuses on a quest to eat the strongest chemical element in Eternia called Eternium. He is defeated by getting tricked into eating a special alloy that weakens him.

In the 80s cartoon, his helmet, mantrap mouth, robotic arm and cowboy style leggings are cerise but his robotic arm and cowboy style leggings are recolored black on the figure; the figure's helmet and mantrap mouth are recolored purplish red. Whereas he had loads of arm attachments in the cartoon, the figure only came with three (claw, gun and hook) [these were even recolored black for the figure]. His belt did not have the skull and crossbones in the cartoon; this was only on the figure's belt. Of course, the figure had squinting, blank black eyes whereas he had normal eyes in the cartoon.

You can download this mini paper toy from here: Masters of the Universe - Trap Jaw (Kronis) Mini Paper Toy Free Download