Mass Effect 3 - Garrus Vakarian 2nd Version Free Papercraft Download

Mass Effect 3 - Garrus Vakarian 2nd Version Free Papercraft Download


Mass Effect 3 - Garrus Vakarian 2nd Version Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is the Garrus Vakarian, based on the video game Mass Effect 3, the paper model is created by DaiShiHUN. There is another Garrus Vakarian paper craft model (by Xenonray and from Mass Effect 2) at the site: Mass Effect 2 – Garrus Vakarian Papercraft. Garrus returns to fight the Reapers, provided he survived Shepard's attack on the Collector base. Shepard encounters Garrus on Menae, one of Palaven's moons, acting as a military consultant given his experience against Reaper forces. Shepard had arrived on Menae in search of Primarch Fedorian, but the turian leader had already been killed by the Reapers. Garrus assisted Shepard in seeking out the next primarch, General Adrien Victus, before rejoining the Normandy.

After the events of Arrival, Garrus realized what little time the galaxy had before the Reapers arrived. With the Council still unwilling to listen, Garrus went to his father, the last thing he thought he'd do, relaying all the events that had started from the Eden Prime War. As unbelievable as his story was, his father, being a detective, put all the pieces together and believed him. Though Primarch Fedorian was a friend of his father's, the former wasn't easy to convince. Eventually, Garrus managed to gain his own "Reaper task force" as a token resource to improve turian defenses, which bought Palaven a limited amount of time when the Reapers invaded.

After the mission on Tuchanka, Garrus can be found in the cockpit trading jokes with Joker. He can even be found on the crew deck competing with James over who has done more amazing things, during which he mentions stopping Saren with Shepard and his time as Archangel on Omega. Later, he can be found in the lounge talking about the various wars that previously occurred to Javik, who relays the various wars that occurred in his own cycle. After the attempted Cerberus coup, Garrus can be found at the memorial wall, reflecting how Shepard handled the confrontation with Udina.

Later on in the game, Garrus invites Shepard to meet him in the D24 docking bay of the Citadel. Upon meeting him, Garrus states that he wants to partake in one last entertaining activity with Shepard before the final battle with the Reapers on Earth. The two travel to the top of the Presidium and shoot beverage containers with sniper rifles and reminisce about working together. If Shepard misses the second shot on purpose, Garrus states, "I'm Garrus Vakarian, and this is now my favorite spot on the Citadel." If Shepard doesn't miss, Garrus will state that next time they will throw in a herd of rampaging Klixen, which is "what separates the rookies from the pros."

After the final mission on Thessia, if Shepard decided to sabotage the cure on Tuchanka, Garrus will take note on how Dalatrass Linron had chosen to side with Shepard despite the krogan cure and wonder how he had managed that. At this point Shepard can either come clean or avoid the questioning. If the Commander decides to come clean with this, Garrus will compliment Shepard for playing both sides and ask that he be reminded to never play poker with Shepard. Alternatively, if Wrex survived the events on Virmire, Garrus questions why he attacked Shepard at the Citadel. Revealing the sabotage causes Garrus to assure Shepard that he would have done the same to save Palaven under the same desperate circumstances. If Mordin was present, Garrus will ask whether he willingly went along with Shepard's plan; Shepard doesn't reply.

If Commander Shepard chooses to activate the Crucible during the battle for Earth, Garrus, along with Joker, Cortez, and any surviving squad members, can be seen paying their respect to Shepard, placing the Commander's name above Anderson's on the memorial wall aboard the Normandy.

If Garrus did not survive the suicide mission, his name will appear on the memorial wall aboard the Normandy. If Garrus is in the squad at the final push towards the Conduit, he will be killed by Harbinger if the Effective Military Strength is too low.

Garrus is an available romance option in Mass Effect 3, provided he was previously romanced in Mass Effect 2. Shepard runs into Garrus while he is stationed on the moon, Menae, attacking the Reapers. Not much is said about their relationship while they are fighting the Reapers, but once Garrus is aboard the Normandy, Shepard can visit him in the main battery. It is here where Garrus asks where they stand and if she still has feelings for him, jokingly recalling that she had an attraction towards scarred men and that he is more than willing to get more if it will improve his chances. Shepard has the option to either end things with Garrus here, or to continue the relationship by kissing his scar and confessing that she missed him.

During the course of the game, Shepard can provide emotional support for Garrus, who is worried about his family on Palaven and about being asked for advice by the Primarch, something he is not used to. Garrus, in turn, tries to help cheer Shepard up when the pressure of the war begins to be too much for her to bear.

On the Citadel, Garrus asks to meet up with Shepard and they ride off to the Presidium in a skycar. It is here where Garrus asks her if she is ready to commit to a relationship and "ready to be a one turian kind of woman." If pursued, Shepard will say that "the only thing that made leaving Earth bearable was knowing out there" and that she loves him and the two kiss. Afterwards, Garrus challenges her to a bottle shooting round with sniper rifles similar to the regular encounter, except that if Shepard misses the shot, after the "favorite spot on the Citadel" line, Garrus will say, "There, there, it's okay. I know there are other things you're good at."

Before heading to the Illusive Man's base, Garrus meets Shepard in her quarters and offers to keep her company. After Shepard wakes up from another dream and admits that she's worried she hasn't done enough, Garrus reassures her that they could have died at any moment before, but they are still alive now and have faced dangerous risks before.

After attacking Cerberus Headquarters, Shepard can find Tali and Garrus talking in the main battery. When she thanks the two for believing her since the beginning, Garrus will reply that " gave some incentive."

Back on Earth, Garrus jokes about retiring with Shepard to "somewhere warm and tropical" and "find out what a turian-human baby looks like," though Shepard may opt to say that adoption is likely a better option due to their incompatible biology, or that they probably wouldn't make very good parents anyway, to which Garrus asks whether Shepard is scared that "Daddy's rifle collection might scare junior." Shepard is jokingly concerned that instead he might like it, and that having two expert killers in the family was more than enough. Garrus then says that if everything goes bad, to meet her at the bar in heaven. Before parting, Garrus gives her an order to come back alive before they kiss. If the Commander chooses to comfort Garrus further, Shepard says that if she dies and he doesn't, she will always be watching over him, and he will never be alone.

During the charge to the beam, Garrus may be wounded by an exploding vehicle, along with another squad mate. Shepard calls in the Normandy in and carries Garrus to the Normandy, where she tells the Normandy crew to take him and go. Garrus refuses to leave Shepard, but she insists that he doesn't argue and that she will always love him, holding his face. After a brief silence, Garrus will say that he also loves Shepard just before she sprints for the beam and the Normandy departs.

If Shepard chooses to control the Reapers or merge organic and synthetic life, Garrus will be seen placing Shepard's name on the memorial wall, or, if Shepard chose to destroy the Reapers and the EMS score is high, he will smile and refrain from placing the plaque, and the Normandy is seen flying off.

If neither Garrus nor Tali'Zorah vas Normandy are romanced in Mass Effect 3, they enter a romantic relationship with each other and Shepard may walk in on them embracing each other in the Main Battery. Caught in the act, they both make a hasty excuse that one of Garrus's mandibles may have gotten hooked on Tali's helmet, and that Tali asked for him to check for a rupture. Shepard can tell them that they are happy for the two of them, and the two thank the Commander.

You can download the game papercraft here: Mass Effect 3 - Garrus Vakarian 2nd Version Free Papercraft Download