Mario - Mini Toad Free Papercraft Download

Mario - Mini Toad Free Papercraft Download


Mario - Mini Toad Free Papercraft DownloadThis  papercraft is a mini Toad, Princess Peach's attendant and a long time protector of the Mushroom Kingdom, the paper model was created by João Vieira. Toad is actually a singular character among an entire species of look-alikes. He usually has the role of a supporting character who tries to help Mario on his adventures; however, he is occasionally a playable character and a main protagonist at times as well.

Despite being reliant on Mario and the other heroes on times of disaster, Toad has made his own fair share of heroic acts such as in his starring role in Wario's Woods where he saves the Mushroom Kingdom from Wario's antagonistic rule, and his status as one of four hero characters in Super Mario Bros. 2. He once made many appearances in the mainstream Mario games, but has lately been reduced to being a playable character in the Mario spin-off titles and host of the Toad Houses, while Toadsworth has taken over many of his roles as Peach's steward. [Source: Mario Wiki]

About the Mario Paper Model:
Height: 8 cm
Page: 1
Difficulty: Easy
Format: PDO/PDF

You can download this mario paper craft template here: Mario - Mini Toad Free Papercraft Download


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